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New Poll Reveals What Americans Are Most Worried About

We all know that the Biden regime has completely wrecked our economy, our country, and our way of life. But it’s definitely what America deserves for allowing this liberal crap to infest every nook and cranny of our society.

I know that most of us are not liberals in this country, but the problem is that we’ve allowed them to have too much power and to manipulate us and our systems way too much and now as a result, we’re left with an old man with dementia running the country – or at least pretending to.

We are all aware of what’s wrong in this country and the polls show that we’re united on that.

The biggest issue that Americans are currently worried about is inflation. 84% of Americans are either “extremely” or “very” concerned about inflation. And why wouldn’t we be concerned with it? We’re facing the largest inflation in decades.

The second most important issue to Americans should come as no surprise either, it’s the higher crime rates across the country. 77% of Americans are worried about growing crime. This is mostly in liberal-run areas like Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles, but it’s in other areas as well.

I live in a big red state, but I’m concerned about the potential for violence here as the area I live in is one of the fastest-growing in the country. I’m actually planning on moving my family somewhere else that I feel is a little safer.

When it comes to the rest of the important matters, the rest are all pretty close ranging between 68% and 71%. Those are their taxes, the federal deficit, and the pandemic. And more than half of the country is worried about being able to pay their bills.

One more thing I found interesting in the poll is what people thought was the reason for the rising crime rates across the country. 11% said it was effects of the pandemic, 10% said mental health issues, 6% said lack of jobs, and 6% said immigration. I don’t think immigration is a problem at all right now because there are tons of jobs available right now. That also means that this “lack of good jobs” isn’t real either. I think some people need to double-check their expectations. Sometimes you don’t just magically get a fun job where you get to party all day. Sometimes you don’t make six-figure with zero experience. Sometimes you’ve just got to fight your way to the top like most of us have done in the past.

The reason why there is high crime is because the Democrats have enabled them to do so with not prosecuting criminals, bailing them out of jail, and incentivizing them to be able to do these things because some of them are still getting free money.

Written by daniel

December 22, 2021

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