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Nasty Nancy Finally Makes Official Announcement on Reelection Bid

For several months now there have been plenty of rumors about whether or not Nancy Pelosi would be running once again in the upcoming midterm elections.

Well, finally this week she made an announcement. Some people are going to be happy about it and some people are not going to be happy about it. Regardless we finally have our answer about the soon-to-be 82-year-old woman.

Nasty Nancy Pelosi has decided to once again run for Congress. This woman has been in Congress since 1987. And here we are 35 years down the road miss old bat still won’t let go of us.

“While we’ve made progress, much more needs to be done to improve people’s lives. Our democracy is at risk because the assault on the truth, assault on the U.S. Capitol and the state-by-state assault on voting rights. This election is crucial. Nothing less is at stake than our democracy,” Pelosi said in an announcement.

“But as we say, we don’t agonize, we organize, and that is why I am running for reelection to Congress and respectfully seek your support. I would be greatly honored by it and grateful for it,” she added.

One thing that I found absolutely appalling is that she quickly throws in the, “this is my story, this is my song…” reference which comes the old Christian hymn, “Blessed Assurance”. She uses our praise of the Lord of all to push her immoral agenda and it’s just disgusting.

My hope now it’s just that there are enough people out there who are tired of seeing this woman in Congress and think that it’s finally time for her to step aside. With the growing number of Republicans, even in California which is where Nancy Pelosi represents, they are getting tired have the Democrats agenda and we’ve seen a nice growth there as well.

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