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Nancy’s Democrats Sent Spinning By Accusation – Their Oil Investigation May Have Broken Law Using Private Funds

Nancy’s Democrats Sent Spinning By Accusation – Their Oil Investigation May Have Broken Law Using Private Funds

What’s Happening:

I think it’s safe to say that without strong accountability, there’s no telling what lawmakers might do. We know that Nancy Pelosi isn’t all that interested in watching what her people are doing.

When Eric Swalwell was caught with a Chinese spy, she refused to remove him from high-ranking positions on powerful committees.

It seems she has continued to let House Democrats do whatever they want. One group launched an investigation against oil companies. They alleged these companies were spreading “disinformation.” But the actual investigation was tainted. Now a watchdog group is demanding answers.

From Just the News:

A watchdog group has filed a lawsuit accusing House Democrats of violating federal law and congressional rules by using private donations to fund staff working on a committee investigation into oil companies…

The suit alleges that House Democrats violated the law in their effort to challenge oil companies, particularly via their use of outside funds to support their investigative efforts.

This is pretty odd. A House committee was conducting an investigation into oil companies. They wanted to find out if these companies were spreading “disinformation” about climate change, one of the left’s pet causes. But watchdog group Government Accountability & Oversight believes these Democrats were using outside funds to conduct their investigation.

Why is this a problem?

This is a group of elected lawmakers, conducting an investigation through the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. This investigation didn’t need outside funds, since they have their own budget provided by the government. Why on earth did these Democrats take money from private nonprofit groups?

Unless these Democrats are allying with private groups to push a biased agenda? A legit investigation assumes innocence unless proven guilty. But if lawmakers are working with a private group, then their interests could be compromised. How are we to believe this investigation is fair and unspoiled when the money funding it is coming from private groups with their own plans?

The group in question was created by two former House Democrats. Oh! No problems here! And where do they get their money from? A liberal dark money group called Arabella Advisors and another group connected to—you guessed it—George Soros.

When is this charade going to end?

Key Takeaways:

  • A watchdog group is suing House Democrats over private funding for an investigation.
  • Democrats took private money to conduct an investigation into oil companies.
  • Such a move can be considered illegal and a conflict of interests.

Source: Just the News



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