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Nancy Pelosi Gives Shameful Order To American Olympians – She Tells Them To Kowtow To Red China, Not Speak Out

Nancy Pelosi Gives Shameful Order To American Olympians – She Tells Them To Kowtow To Red China, Not Speak Out

What’s Happening:

This year’s Winter Olympics are more than rife with controversy. The IOC ignored complaints about China’s human rights abuses to let them host in Beijing, yet again. Athletes around the world have refused to attend—and ratings for this year’s events might be lower than in previous years.

But what about the athletes who are attending the games? How do they feel about going to a country that blatantly violates the rights of their own people? Well, apparently, we won’t be able to find out what our athletes think, because Comrade Pelosi is ordering them not to speak.

From YouTube:


Wow. This is truly unbelievable. Nancy Pelosi told American athletes participating in the Winter Olympics not to speak out against China’s horrendous human rights violations. She said this while admitting that China could be brutal to them and their families.

The woman—who has received plenty of cash from Chinese interests—claimed she “feared” for their safety.

Really? Why are we sending our athletes to China at all if they are in danger for simply speaking the truth? Pelosi is admitting that China would arrest and do God-knows-what to our people. But it’s okay for them to be there at all? Why are we hosting Olympic games in a country whose government is that dangerous to our athletes?

Just think about what she said. “Don’t take bad about China?” “Well, why?” “Because China’s so bad they’ll hurt you!”

Something is definitely wrong. And Pelosi’s comments in no way help. She is condemning China on the one hand but telling Americans not to bring it up on the other.

If China is so bad, why do Pelosi and many other lawmakers profit off of them? Why aren’t we hitting the communist nation with sanctions for their treatment of Hong Kong citizens as well as the Uyghur people?

I find it pretty hypocritical for Pelosi to say this while refusing to do anything about it. She’s the Speaker of the House for crying out loud. She just said that China might hurt Americans for criticizing them. Yet she does not use her influence in Congress to investigate or hold accountable this brutal regime.

I guess that whole “J6” thing is much more important.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nancy Pelosi warned American athletes not to criticize China during the Olympics.
  • Controversy surrounded this year’s Winter Olympics, which are being hosted in Beijing.
  • Many around the world have called out China’s human rights abuses.
  • Pelosi claims Americans who speak up could face harm at the hands of the government.

Source: YouTube



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