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Nancy Pelosi Gets A Double Dose Of D.C. Medicine – Two More Democrats Join 26 And Bail On Her For Midterms

Nancy Pelosi Gets A Double Dose Of D.C. Medicine – Two More Democrats Join 26 And Bail On Her For Midterms

What’s Happening:

Newt Gingrich had some bad news for Democrats. As scores of House liberals announced they were fleeing the sinking ship, Newt claimed as many as 30 or more might bite the dust before November.

Pelosi only has a 3-seat majority, meaning any loss could cost her the gavel. With a reported 26 leaving so far, things were looking bleak.

But now, it seems she has more reasons to panic. Republicans are building momentum in their 2022 campaigns. Fundraising is going through the roof as polls indicate a red wave is growing. And now, two more Democrats announced they are leaving Congress. Bringing Pelosi’s bad situation to 28.

From Daily Mail:

Two more House Democrats announced Tuesday they would retire from Congress at the end of their terms, bringing the total to 28 amid polls that show President Biden’s party in danger of losing its majority.

Rep. James Langevin, an 11-term lawmaker from Rhode Island who serves on the coveted House Armed Services Committee, announced his decision in an op-ed Tuesday…

His announcement came on the same day California Rep. Jerry McNerney announced he would leave Congress at the end of his term.

Two more long-serving Democrats announced they will not run for reelection. That brings the total of Democrats leaving the House to 28. That means 28 seats Democrats are not defending but trying to scoop up before Republicans can take them.

This coincides with major redistricting happening at the state level, which has put Democrats in a difficult position.

Many of them claim they are moving on to other things. But we know the truth. Democrats are polling at new lows. And Republicans in state legislatures are redrawing congressional maps, eliminating Democrat advantages.

Seeing their prospects of winning reelection grow dim, these Democrats would rather cut and run than face an embarrassing loss.

What’s really surprising about this number is that the party isn’t even trying to support them. You’d think the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee would be offering some way of helping these members hold on. Instead, they are silent as more and more seats bite the dust.

Perhaps these Democrats are leaving because the DCCC can’t help them. This body announced they wouldn’t be pumping money into Florida campaigns, writing off the once-swing state as solidly red. Are they also refusing to help these congress members win elections, seeing that their districts are now more competitive?

We can’t say for sure. But there’s got to be a reason the DCCC isn’t backing these folks. Maybe Pelosi knows her time is up—but refuses to admit it to the rest of us?

Key Takeaways:

  • Two more Democrats announced retirements from the House.
  • The total number of leaving Democrats has risen to 28.
  • This comes as reports suggest Republicans will sweep Congress in the midterms.

Source: Daily Mail



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