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More Photos Released of Hypocrite Stacey Abrams “Maskless” School Visit Prove She Was Lying

The liberal left is basically composed of hypocrites. Despite the massive amount of death and destruction caused by the deadly COVID pandemic, it has helped reinforce this truth. As with many of their tyrannical policies, liberal progressives apply a “do as I say, not as I do” principle.

We suppose that ideology is somewhat acceptable if you’re using it as the parent of a child. However, Americans are not children. Well, when you watch Democrats disavow and ignore their own policies, you’d be correct in your belief that liberals think otherwise.

Throughout the pandemic, liberal tyrants have imposed Draconian orders and decrees on everyone else. They’ve treated adult Americans like children. However, these same self-entitled elites have been caught dozens of times violating their own public mandates.

It seems Democrats have a bad case of the “For thee, but not for me” syndrome. One of the most nauseating of the bunch is former Georgia Congresswoman Stacey Abrams. For instance, Abrams screams foul when anyone questions the validity of election results if a liberal wins.

However, Abrams moans and complains, to anyone who will listen, about how she had the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race stolen from her. Abrams is still yet to concede. In her so-called push for voter reform, Abrams denounces legislation that helps to secure the integrity of elections.

Stacey Abrams walks around screaming about how voter fraud cost her the governor’s race. But in the same breath, she refuses to accept the need for election safeguards. Yes, there’s the old self-entitled liberal narrative again.

Well, Abrams, the hypocrite, got busted again. This time she broke the liberal rallying cry to cover every human face with a COVID mask, as senseless as the policy is. Policies enforced despite masks being proven to be virtually ineffective at preventing the spread of the virus.

If it’s the liberal policy of the week, everyone must be on board. When they speak to Americans, it’s as if they all say, “Do as mommy and daddy bureaucrat says.” It’s nauseating. But what’s even more disgusting is when they get caught violating their own demands.

That happened recently when Stacey Abrams visited an elementary school. Abrams showed up at Glennwood Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia. Let’s put this into perspective before we share what Abrams did.

Both the City of Decatur, Georgia, and Glennwood Elementary School have a mask ordinance. Each ordinance specifies that a mask must be worn inside. Masks in the city and within all public venues are mandatory according to the ordinance. There are few, if any, exceptions.

Well, apparently there is an exemption if you’re a high-profile liberal politician. During her visit with the children at this elementary, children, mind you, who are forced to “mask-up” all day, Abrams didn’t feel the need to comply.

This wasn’t some isolated incident where Abrams was caught off guard, sipping a little water or nibbling on a snack. No, Abrams was photographed “numerous times” waltzing around the school while not wearing a mask, despite the mandate.

Do we assume Abrams wasn’t aware of the school’s mask policy? You can buy that line of baloney if you want. However, if you’re that gullible, there’s some nice “waterfront property” adjacent to the Florida Everglades that we’d like to sell you.

Seriously, this is about Abrams’ self-entitled, elitist persona. She’s a bonafide hypocrite. Her spineless apology was worse than what she did. Abrams wasn’t sorry for violating a mandate. She was sorry she got caught, or that anyone had the audacity to question her authority.

Abrams’ handlers even tried to call the photographic proof a “dastardly political plot”. Deleting the images didn’t work either. Back in December, unsurprisingly, Abrams announced another run for the Georgia governor’s mansion. God help the Peach State if she’s successful.

But Georgia voters need only look at the dozens of pictures taken during this recent school visit. These photographs prove exactly who and what Stacey Abrams is. They show Georgia voters what they will get if they’re foolish enough to elect Stacey Abrams.

Georgians will elect just another run-of-the-mill liberal hypocrite. If “Queen Stacey” is somehow allowed to ascend to what Abrams believes to be her “rightful throne”, it’ll be more of that tired old liberal narrative. Georgians, “do as I say, not as I do.”

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