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Mocking Soviet-Style Posters Pop Up All Over D.C.

Recently, a series of soviet-style posters have been appearing all around Washington, D.C. that attempt to mock President Joe Biden and chief White House medical adviser Anthony Fauci for the way that they have been handling COVID-19 and its ensuing pandemic.

These posters sport imagery calling back to Communist propaganda from the Soviet Union, and have been seen all over Washington D.C. and its surrounding areas, as reported by the residents of the area who have taken to posting the posters online. These propaganda pieces highlight a variety of slogans that push for COVID-19 vaccines and mandates while utilizing imposing images of both Fauci and Biden.

Noam Blum, the chief technology officer of Tablet Magazine, put forth a post sporting two posters that had been set up in the neighborhood of Glover Park in D.C. One of these posters sported Biden with a large halo made of syringes with the slogan “Good Kids Are Compliant Kids.” Below the haloed Biden, a group of children wearing masks look up while wearing buttons that state “hug me, I’m vaccinated,” “I’ve been vaccinated,” and “vaccinated, but still stay away from me.”

Another of these posters displays Fauci with a halo of concentric ovals that seem to mimic the paths of electrons depicted in an atom. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director is standing upright and holding a filled syringe in his right hand as money rains down around him. At the bottom of the poster the phrase “Trust The Scientism” can be seen emblazoned.

A conservative communications professional, Leigh Wolf, also posted pictures of quite a few more posters that he spotted posted around D.C., just south of New York Avenue. Wolf discovered a group of four posters, two of them sporting the same image as the ones previously mentioned that were captured by Blum. The first of the two new ones display a shouting Biden holding a hammer with the word “OSHA,” which is the abbreviation for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, prominently displayed on it. This striking imagery is intensified by the command “Comply” written across all four sides.

The other of the new posters show Biden in red-tinted aviator sunglasses and carrying a ball that looks like a model of a virus. In the background of that photo, the U.S. Constitution has been ripped in half. In giant bold letters, the poster reads “Mandate! Segregate! Subjugate!” at the top.

Wolf then went on to share another post showing a woman ripping down the various posters.

“Yes, it’s a public health concern,” she exclaims in the post. “It’s alarmism. It is dangerous propaganda … I live in the neighborhood. This is bulls***.”



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