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Mitch McConnell Comes Out Swinging – He Accuses Democrats Of Using Capitol Event To Change Filibuster, Elections

Mitch McConnell Comes Out Swinging – He Accuses Democrats Of Using Capitol Event To Change Filibuster, Elections

What’s Happening:

Today marks one year since the events of January 6, 2021. While most Americans seemed to have moved on, Democrats are milking this “event” for all its worth. Pelosi is wasting time with her J6 commission, an apparent witch hunt, instead of getting anything done. And the same can be said for Democrats in the Senate.

But Mitch McConnell is coming out swinging against Chuck Schumer and his agenda. He blasted Chuck for attempts to “break” the upper chamber. Now, he is accusing them of using this day to destroy our elections. And he’s holding their feet to the fire.

From Fox News:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Democrats in a floor speech Wednesday, accusing them of using last year’s Jan. 6 Capitol riot to justify proposed filibuster reform to pass election legislation…

“It is jaw-dropping for colleagues to propose to commemorate that by breaking the Senate themselves.”

McConnell attacked Schumer and his allies in a speech on the Senate floor today. He accused Democrats of trying to exploit the events from last year to upend our democracy. Thinking they can muster fear and hysteria over J6, McConnell says Schumer is trying to erase the filibuster to push his election bill.

The Republican claimed Democrats were trying to “break the rules” to achieve victories “they have not earned.” Strong words from a man who appeared to recently cower to the left’s J6’s agenda, when he blamed a Bob Dole aid of being a part of the “events.”

But we can always count on Mitch to fight Democrats in their mad quest for power. The accomplished senator has long warned Democrats about killing the filibuster. He reminded them that if they did that now, Republicans would do the same when they regained the majority.

It appears at least a few Democrats are listening. Sen. Joe Manchin recently came out against “nuking” the filibuster. Arizona senator, Kyrsten Sinema, also flat out refused to support Chuck Schumer’s scheme. Possibly more Democrats will also join McConnell in rejecting the end of the filibuster, ensuring this election-stealing bill is DOA.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mitch McConnell blasted Chuck Schumer for trying to kill the Senate filibuster.
  • He accused Democrats of using J6 to break Senate rules.
  • Chuck Schumer had pushed an effort to end the filibuster to pass his radical bill.

Source: Fox News

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