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Michelle Obama Exposes Democrat Dilemma – The Party Admits They Could Turn To Her As ‘Break The Glass’ 2024 Candidate

Michelle Obama Exposes Democrat Dilemma – The Party Admits They Could Turn To Her As ‘Break The Glass’ 2024 Candidate

What’s Happening:

Sometime last year, Joe Biden tried to assure his party that, yes, he would be running in 2024. But that was before he failed to get his BBB legislation passed.

That was also before he failed to get the filibuster killed to pass major election changes. And, of course, that was before a number of other mistakes and flubs that further harmed his approval ratings.

We shouldn’t be surprised to find Democrats searching for a replacement. Kamala Harris is definitely not their top choice. And perhaps neither is Hillary Clinton, even though she might be angling for a comeback. Who could be their last, best hope for winning 2024? Some are once again, pulling out a well-known name.

From The Hill:

However, as the Democrats’ “best hope,” Hillary pales in comparison to another former first lady, Michelle Obama…

Still, Democrats in 2023 might be desperate enough for party leaders to encourage Mrs. Obama into considering the job. This group could argue that “your party and country need you” to stop either Donald Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — which could appeal to her patriotism and become her game-changing reason.

It’s gotten this bad with Democrats. They are speculating on how they can get Michelle Obama to run in 2024. This is bad for so many reasons and proves just how much the party is collapsing.

The most important thing to remember is that Michelle Obama is not a politician. She has no real qualifications to run for public office. You might say, “Donald Trump wasn’t a politician.” But he was a billionaire who ran numerous companies. He was more than qualified to be president.

Democrats would turn to Michelle simply because of her name recognition. Not because she is right for the job or because she has any “vision” for the country. Some are assuming she’d only enter the race to stop Trump from winning again. Not a great motivator to run for the hardest job in the world.

A bigger question—which the left is not asking—is if the Obamas still carry clout with Americans? Certainly not for most voters. Remember, one of the biggest reasons Trump was elected in 2016 was because Americans were rejecting Obama’s failed policies. States that went for Obama went for Trump—because of Barack’s broken promises.

Why would Michelle be a better president than Barry? Americans haven’t forgotten that Obama’s policies for America didn’t work. Heck, Biden is doing much the same, and look where that’s gotten us in just a year.

If Democrats seriously think dragging out another figure from the Obama years is going to work—when Biden is crashing and burning—they really are insane. Their best chance at winning is finding someone new. A Democrat that will put America first and reject all traces of socialism.

Do they even have anyone like that?

Key Takeaways:

  • Word is circulating that Democrats might get Michelle Obama to run.
  • This comes as signs point to Biden not running for a second term.
  • It seems Democrats have no one else they think could win.

Source: The Hill



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