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Michael Rapaport Records Man Shoplifting in NYC in Broad Daylight

New York is out of control. It really isn’t a surprise given who is running the place, but it is just getting worse and worse.

New York actor and comedian Michael Rapaport flipped out in a Tuesday social media post that shows an alleged shoplifter brazenly walking out of a Manhattan Rite Aid.

“I can’t believe I’m seeing this s—t,” the “I Am Rapaport” podcaster is heard saying over the video.

“This f—king guy just filled his two bags up with everything in Rite Aid, right here on 80th [Street] and First Avenue is walking down the street like s–t is Gucci. I was watching him the whole time.”

The purported thief is carrying bags as he strolls by a security guard and out onto the street.

“Looking me in my face like ‘What’s good?,’” Rapaport claims. “My man just went Christmas shopping in January. He had the condoms, the shampoo.”

And do you know what is the saddest part about it all? You can see security in the video doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. He just lets the man walk right by him and out the door.

I guess stealing isn’t a crime anymore in New York City. This is what voting for liberals gets you. They enable criminals to steal and honestly this probably creates more criminals because if other people know that they can get away with it, then they start thinking to themselves that they can and should do it also.

This is why we must not let liberals have any power whatsoever because they completely destroy everything that we’ve spent decades building up. New York City used to be a safe place. I used to go to New York City and I never felt like I was in any sort of danger, but today, I would not even dream of going there, especially since I have a family I need to provide for and protect.

It’s really sad because I would love for my children to see what New York City is like because it really is a beautiful and unique place in our country. Sadly though, it is unique in more ways than one now because of the crime that now takes place.

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