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Melania’s Former Spox Admits Plan To Stop Trump 2024 – Grisham Claims 15 Aides Are Trying To Block Donald

Melania’s Former Spox Admits Plan To Stop Trump 2024 – Grisham Claims 15 Aides Are Trying To Block Donald

What’s Happening:

Is there anyone more pathetic than a bitter, former Trump aide? Donald Trump is known as a man who expects results. He holds himself to a high standard and he expects the same from his staff.

When people are cut loose from his team, they often turn on him. It’s hard not to believe they are simply embarrassed that they couldn’t hack it at the job.

Many of these former staffers have taken the low road to pander to the liberal media. They have written books and appeared on MSM outlets to score brownie points from leftists still suffering from TDS. Rarely does this work out of them, since even liberals despise turncoats.

One of the more embarrassing former staffers, however, hasn’t taken the hint. Because now she is making some bold claims about what she—and others—are doing against Trump. From The Daily Mail:

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said Thursday a group of former Trump Administration officials plan to meet next week to coordinate efforts to step her old boss from bringing ‘chaos and destruction’ to the country…

‘And then started throwing around ideas of what we could do, how we could formalize it, started outreach to some other people and then, you know, it’s going to culminate into this meeting next week and we’ll go from there,’ she said.

Stephanie Grisham was a spokesperson for Melania and Trump for about ten seconds. After fleeing the administration, she quickly turned on the Trump family, making wild, unprovable claims.

What’s so interesting is what she is saying conveniently agrees with the baseless attacks liberals have long made about Trump, without evidence.

Now, in what appears to be a last, desperate grab for relevance, she claims she and 15 unnamed staffers are plotting to stop Trump from running in 2024. Lol, really? Is anyone taking this woman seriously? If she really thinks she can come up with a plan to stop him—why is she openly talking about it?

She claims she is going to “travel the country” to convince the millions of Trump supporters out there to turn on him. Uh… why? Why does this one woman want to work so hard to stop Trump from running in a free and open election?

If she really doesn’t want him to win, why not run against him? Why not join the Democratic Party and make a play for the office? Or get behind whoever will be running for the left in 2025? Oh, maybe that’s because nobody on the left wants her. She has zero clout or accomplishments that will impress or attract a Democrat following.

Her only stab at relevance is to continue to beat the tired drum of Trump hate. She left his employ over a year ago. Which means, she has no clue what Trump or his people are doing today.

She has no connection with Trump, so she is no longer valuable to the left. And considering Trump’s continued popularity with Republicans, she has no influence with that party.

All she is doing is trying to get more air time on the news. And, like so many before her, her 15 minutes are obviously up.

Key Takeaways:

  • Melania Trump’s former aide claims to be plotting to stop Trump in 2024.
  • She claims she and 15 others will meet to discuss a plan.
  • This former staffer has been trying to win acclaim from the left but is failing.

Source: Daily Mail

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