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Meet the ‘Man’ Joe Biden Just Put in Charge of Nuclear Waste

I think that for the most part, we should all be wary of talking down about other people’s lifestyle choices.

We may disagree with them, but that doesn’t mean that we need to be extremely harsh or hateful to them. We should still treat people like people.

Now I know that this is certainly easier said than done because there are some things that are just evil and wicked. Let’s face it, some personal life choices are pretty creepy.

However, we also do not have to condone this otherwise grotesque behavior. As Americans, we do have another important right. We have the right to refuse to accept these freakish fellows as elected or appointed government officials.

But apparently, the Biden regime and the progressive left obviously don’t agree. When a political party of freaks has power, mostly with a liberal ideology of cheating to win elections, you can expect a healthy number of such weirdos to assume positions of power.

When it comes to picking people to run our nation, Joe Biden and the radical left have their heads buried in the diversity sandbox. They completely disregard the most critical qualification. Can this individual do the job?

Even more importantly, could a bizarre lifestyle potentially compromise the person’s ability to do that job or influence their decisions? The United States Senate, with help from two kowtowing Republicans, approved a transgender man for assistant U.S. health secretary.

Joe Biden nominated, and ultimately got a “guy” who supports genitаl mutilаtions in children, approved for a health-based position. Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg did not have the experience to warrant consideration for the job of U.S. Transportation Secretary.

His on-the-job performance has cemented that notion. However, Mayor Pete is openly homoѕexuаl. In the liberal left’s eyes, this was clearly more important than the fact that he doesn’t have the knowledge to do his job. Mayor Pete is clueless. But hooray, he’s LGBTQ.

For liberals, diversity wins every time. Well, in a recent nomination, Joe Biden’s push for unnatural diversity turned morbid. Joe Biden believes that putting a gender-fluid person in charge of nuclear plant waste in the United States is a good idea.

Sam Brinton has been nominated as the deputy assistant for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the U.S. Energy Department’s Nuclear Energy Division. Now, for a few tidbits from Brinton’s personal resume. Sam Brinton is a gender-qu**r drag queen. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This non-binary, gender-fluid oddball is into kinky things. He’s a self-proclaimed indulger in “bondage and discipline”, plus “sadism and masochism”, BDSM. Brinton is also truly from the radical “woke culture”. He believes in non-gender pronouns like “they and them”.

But Brinton also enjoys something else that will truly disgust most Americans. This person, whom Joe Biden thinks is a good call to oversee all the country’s nuclear waste, likes animals. However, we do not mean as pets.

In a 2017 article published by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Brinton’s weird ѕexuаl fetiѕh for animals was exposed. During the talk, Brinton openly spoke about his many bizarre kinks. He especially enjoys “dog-role-playing”.


This is just downright disgusting. He’s obviously mentally unstable, yet this is the guy who Biden thinks should be responsible for nuclear waste in our country? What have we come to?

When do Americans say, “Enough is enough”? As the liberals’ puppet in the White House, Joe Biden is packing our nation’s most critical positions with freaks. America doesn’t look like a country that supports diversity. We look like a freak sideshow at a carnival.

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