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Media Contacts Freedom Convoy Protestors

The media has no bottom and what they are doing will turn your stomach. The institution that is supposed to keep the government accountable is doing the regime’s dirty work. 

Recently, activists hacked the crowdfunding website that raised over $9 million for the convoy and got the donor list. Now, members of the media are combing through the list, publishing the names of the donors, and contacting their employers trying to get them fired. 

The video below is the man claiming responsibility for hacking GiveSendGo and was proud thousands could be fired from their jobs for donating to the protestors.

This guy has some “issues.”

Tammy Giuliani ( no relation to Rudy) was forced to close her cafe, Stella Luna Gelato after receiving death threats after the media reported she donated $250 to the freedom convoy. 

“We got a call from the team saying, ‘We’re getting phone calls here,’” Giuliani said in a phone interview Monday afternoon. “I said, ‘What’s going on?’ and they said, ‘They’re threatening to throw bricks through our window. They’re threatening to come and get us.’ We said, ‘Lock the door and we’ll find out what’s going on.’”

In just a couple of weeks, the press has gone from attacking parents who are concerned about the public school system to bragging about how threats they encouraged is ruining small businesses. 

The cafe is barely staying afloat due to the restrictions imposed on Canadians in the area and reported it will take them about seven years to pay off the loan they took out to keep the business going. 

The US media is in on it too, they are calling people who gave as little as $40 to the truckers.

A top aide to Ontario’s Solicitor General has been forced out after it was discovered that she donated $100 to the convoy. 

Marion Isabeau Ringuette, communications director for Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones tried to be careful and used an alias when she made her donation. However, Canadian “journalists” found her out and got her fired. 

We can see where this is going.

How long before the media starts doxxing political candidates that they don’t agree with?

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