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March For Life Kicks Off For Maybe The Last Time – On Supreme Court Steps, Duck Dynasty Stars Alan And Lisa Join

March For Life Kicks Off For Maybe The Last Time – On Supreme Court Steps, Duck Dynasty Stars Alan And Lisa Join

What’s Happening:

For over forty years, millions of Americans flocked to Washington, D.C. every January for the March For Life. This unites Americans of all races, backgrounds, and political affiliations to support pro-life changes to our laws. Despite growing turnout each year, the mainstream media fails to cover it.

This year’s events might be more significant than ever before. As usual, the inspiring event featured notable Americans, including one Duck Dynasty star.

From YouTube:

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Alan Robertson and March for Life rally speaker Lisa Robertson discuss the theme of this year’s event.


But more than that, this year’s March For Life might be the very last—depending on how the Supreme Court rules on a major case.

From Just the News:

The annual March for Life rally in Washington, D.C., takes place Friday in sub-freezing temperatures and once again on the steps of the Supreme Court, where this year the nine justices are considering a change to the court’s decades-old ruling in the Roe v. Wade abortion rights case…

“This could be the decision of a generation,” anti-abortion activist Kristen Waggoner told NPR. “My hope is that the United States Supreme Court has the courage to do what it ought.”

As in previous years, the March For Life will end at the steps of the Supreme Court. This year’s event carries serious weight, as the nine justices will rule on a case that strikes at the heart of this issue. The Supreme Court could rule to end Roe v. Wade, striking a major victory for pro-life Americans.

The court held hearings at the end of last year over a law challenging Roe v. Wade from Mississippi. The court is also considering a case coming out of Texas, which passed a similar law. How the court rules could end the federal ruling that made abortion legal. Some believe they could diminish Roe or perhaps erase it entirely.

If that is the case, most experts agree the issue will be handed to the states. Some will keep this practice legal others will quickly vote to ban it. Abortion advocates, like lobbyist group Planned Parenthood, could lose millions if the court overrules Roe. Leftist activists have been fighting to defend this practice for years, fearing the money they could lose.

The court is set to give its decision this Spring. And marchers are eager to find out what will come of it.

Key Takeaways:

  • March For Life is being held today, a pro-life event that takes place in D.C.
  • The march will end at the steps of the Supreme Court, as it has for 40 years.
  • This year could mark the end of this event if the court overrules Roe v. Wade.

Source: Just the News, YouTube



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