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Man Gives His Wife Eye-Opening Valentine’s Present – She Really Did “Win The Lottery” With This Guy

Man Gives His Wife Eye-Opening Valentine’s Present – She Really Did “Win The Lottery” With This Guy

What’s Happening:

What does true love look like? Many people think that if you love someone, you show it to them with chocolates and flowers. You take them to a fancy restaurant and show them a good time. That’s especially true on Valentine’s Day—a holiday dedicated to love and romance.

But one husband decided to go the extra mile for his wife. This Valentine’s Day, he didn’t opt for the usual stuff. Perhaps a few flowers would have been enough. But this man was in the unique position to really wow his lady. Because he gave her a gift worth $10 million. Literally.

From NY Post:

Forget flowers and chocolates: A Virginia man spared no expense for Valentine’s Day — by giving his wife his $10 million lottery ticket.

Stay-at-home mom Maria Chicas’ husband bought the Extreme Millions Scratcher ticket at the In & Out Mart on Mathis Avenue in Manassas a few days before the romantic holiday, the state lottery said.

That’s gotta be love. How many people are willing to give up a fat $10 million check? But this man was so in love, that he gave his wife his winning lotto ticket for Valentine’s Day. Maria Chicas is a stay-at-home mom, whose husband bought the ticket a few days before the holiday. He probably wasn’t’ excepting much, since the odds of winning are 1 in 2,937,600.

But he was that lucky number one. But instead of using the money to buy a fancy new car, he gave the full amount to his wife. You might assume that, as husband and wife, they would have shared the money anyway. This gesture, however, shows that he isn’t interested in holding onto the money.

Instead, he wanted to show his wife just how much he meant to her. That’s something special. Normally, people who win big lottos go overboard. They blow through the money on frivolous things. Sometimes, tragically, their marriages end. Not this man. He’s giving the cash to his wife. That should score him enough brownie points for the rest of his life.

Key Takeaways:

  • A man from Virginia gave his winning lotto ticket to his wife.
  • The ticket was worth over $6,000,000.
  • He did it as a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Source: NY Post



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