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Mainstream Media Touts the Latest Lunacy Written in a Liberal Op-Ed on Constitution

The mainstream media haven’t missed a beat recently. They’re holding course, vomiting up one absurdity after another. Their most recent delve into insanity involves promoting some crazy conceptions about the U.S. Constitution, penned in an op-ed written by John Kenneth White.

White is the prototypical liberal college extremist. White has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Connecticut. He is a liberal-crazy member of America’s clueless academia. White has taught politics at The Catholic University of America since 1988.

During that time, White has published a number of books broadcasting his crazy liberal ideologies. Like most of the politicians he claims to support, White is a liberal ideologue. White has written books that attack American values and conservative political ideas.

One of his most popular reads is “The Values of Divide”. He has written scathing condemnations of party government in another book, insinuating a need to collapse “old orders”. White is a hardcore liberal and makes no excuses for himself.

However, in a recent opinion column which he penned, White exposed himself as an antagonist against the U.S. Constitution. White wrote his piece for The Hill. The loony liberal piece was entitled “The Constitution Isn’t Working”.

Our question to Professor White would be, “for whom isn’t the constitution working?” At first glance, it clearly seems like John White thinks we should blow up the parts of the constitution standing in the way of the radical liberal drive for a nationwide conversion to socialism.

White believes we should nuke the Electoral College. This radical ideology opens the door for a complete takeover by liberals. Without the essential framework of the Electoral College, California, Chicago and New York City would decide who the President of the United States is.

Furthermore, instead of appreciating what the Senate filibuster really is, White contends that it’s a misused tool of legislative defiance. Like the Electoral College, White thinks we should blow it up. This radical viewpoint ignores how vital the filibuster truly is.

The filibuster stops a single controlling party from being able to overwhelmingly ramrod legislation through. White used some illogical reference to a quote by Thomas Jefferson to President George Washington to support his opinion.

However, when Jefferson and Washington were part of the U.S. government, public servants weren’t serving infinite terms. There are currently five U.S. Senators who have collectively exercised “squatter’s rights” on their Senate seats for over 185 years.

What might help to make the federal government work more efficiently would be to blow up the 17th Amendment, not the U.S. Constitution, especially the filibuster. Clear out the aging deadweight, and we’d certainly witness an exhilaratingly more efficient legislative process.

Nevertheless, White is a liberal, mind you. Liberals rarely explore adjustments that will actually fix problems. They seek solutions that cement their power. These socialist ideologues want government to function for big corporate interests and elites, not the American people.

What’s truly exciting is the prospect of watching the U.S. Constitution work like a well-oiled machine come next November. America is watching a blundering old man, who is being manipulated by the radical left; drive our nation over a cliff.

Joe Biden is no more in control of the White House than we are in control of the earth’s orbit. Someone is pulling Joe Biden’s puppet strings. We can all see it. Beyond those who know he stole the 2020 Presidential Election, there are Americans who mistakenly cast an authentic vote for Biden.

These people are experiencing the agonizing pain of buyer’s remorse. To slam the door shut on the liberal quest to change the U.S. into a socialist, “China-copycat-nation”, Americans will exercise a cherished part of the U.S. Constitution; the ballot. We will vote the liberal lunatics out of office.

It will be a huge stride towards saving American democracy. Republicans taking back control of both Houses of Congress will prevent people like John Kenneth White from getting their wish. Radicals like White want to blow up the U.S. Constitution. Americans must say no way.

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