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Liberal Media Outlets Caught Red Handed Lying About Ron DeSantis

Once again the dishonest mainstream leftist media was caught red-handed lying about what really happened during a press conference in Florida in which Ron DeSantis was to be speaking on monoclonal antibodies.

In two publications, here is what was reported by the liberal outlets:

The Independent: “Ron DeSantis has activists including disabled man arrested for quizzing him on C-v-d: ‘The governor is afraid to meet with the people’”

The Daily Beast: “Activist Handcuffed at DeSantis Presser After Calling Guv an ‘Enemy of the People’”

Well, that sure does make him look like a bad guy, doesn’t it? Having people arrested for questioning you is something only a dictator would do.

However, that’s not actually what happened.

So what did actually happen is that a protester did show up to the press conference and he was removed. That much is true. But he was not some community activist who was arrested for questioning Gov. DeSantis.

According to the Daily Wire,

A man was arrested for trespassing after he refused to leave a closed news conference about lifesaving monoclonal antibody treatment for only credentialed media by Jacksonville police — not at the behest of DeSantis’ team or the governor, who was not even there at the time of the incident.

Before the news conference was set to begin on Tuesday, a man named Ben Frazier and other left-wing protesters were asked to leave the location, since the presser was opened to credentialed media only and not the public, as per usual.


Notably, Gov. DeSantis was not involved in asking Frazier to leave. In fact, he was not even at the location of the presser at the time of the incident, a source confirmed to The Daily Wire.

The man was arrested because they had asked everyone who was not with the media and had a press badge to leave because the conference was only for credentialed media. When the man refused to leave he was arrested for trespassing.

This becomes very clear when you see the video.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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