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Liberal Instacart Driver Smashes Elderly Couple’s Groceries Because of Pro-Police Yard Sign

Anyone with common sense understands and appreciates why police protection is essential to a free society that’s governed by the rule of law. To think otherwise is pure lunacy. However, throughout the last couple of years, crazed liberals have railed against police.

Because of the sins of a few, every law enforcement officer has been painted with the same brush. It’s wrong, and it’s destroying our country. Even worse than the ridicule leveled against our valiant police officers, these nutcases ridicule anyone showing support for them.

One such incident happened in a medium size Minnesota community. One budget-conscious elderly couple in Blaine, Minnesota, made a calculated grocery order for delivery. When they saw the order had arrived, they went out to get their essential groceries.

What happened was astonishing. This act proves the insane rage that the radical left engages in when anyone disagrees with their senseless ideologies. To set the stage for what would otherwise seem an unthinkable act, we have to mention one relevant detail.

The couple supports our law enforcement. They obviously have some common decency. To show their support, they had a “Pro Police” sign in their yard. Well, it seems a purple-haired Instacart driver named Tara doesn’t share the couple’s sentiments for police.

Because there was a pro police sign in the yard, the driver placed the groceries down in the driveway, and then proceeded to drive back and forth over top of them. She smashed these carefully budgeted bags of essentials all over the ground.

To further drive home her insane point, “Tara” left the couple a derogatory note on their receipt. The driver pinned the note to the couple’s Christmas wreath. The note said, “Instacart doesn’t pay employees, find another slave, f*** the racist police pigs.”

This crazed lunatic took out vengeance on an elder couple for having a sign in their yard that said, “Thank You, Blaine P.D.” Acts like these are unconscionable. However, the left will insist that this loony purple-haired freak is simply misunderstood.

Thankfully, the couple has been reimbursed for their groceries. They could not have afforded this kind of financial loss. One family member stressed that it went far beyond just the loss of money. This vile act of bitter hatred triggered horrific fear in the vulnerable seniors.

It plays perfectly with the liberal push to radicalize police. Without police protection, many in our society will feel horribly afraid. It’s what the liberals want. They can then exercise this fear to control people. Fear will elicit compliance. Behave or the mob will come get you. It’s sickening.

Again, the couple was able to get their money back and reorder the groceries they so vitally depend. A family member has launched a GoFundMe page. It has already generated over $8,000 for the couple. Hopefully, they will allot some of these funds to sue Instacart.

Someone must be held accountable. Reports from the Blaine Police Department indicate the purple-haired driver may face criminal charges. She should. They should toss this lunatic in jail to make a point that police are not the bad guys, and those support them aren’t either.

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