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Leaked text messages reveal that Women for America First coordinated with Trump’s White House for Jan 6

Leaked text messages reveal that Women for America First coordinated with Trump’s White House for Jan 6

Text exchanges acquired by Rolling Stone suggest coordination between the assailants of the US Capitol on Jan. 6 and former President Donald Trump’s White House.

According to the story, event organizer Amy Kremer was more concerned with food than with what was going on across the street from her hotel in the United States Capitol. Kremer is the founder of Women For America First and a long-time tea party activist, among other things.

Kremer’s text exchanges made it evident that she was in contact with the White House regarding events that occurred following Trump’s November loss.

First, she hosted the March for Trump bus tour, which was scheduled to arrive in Washington to protest Trump’s loss.

“For those of you that weren’t aware, I have jumped off the tour for the night and am headed to DC. I have an mtg at the WH tomorrow afternoon and then will be back tomorrow night,” wrote Kremer in messages to followers. “Rest well. I’ll make sure the President knows about the tour tomorrow!”

She went on to say that she and her daughter Kylie made it appear as if they were in contact with Trump’s staff. The Kramers’ spokesperson, Chris Barron, claims that all of the communications published by Rolling Stone are false.

“You are printing things that are 100 percent factually untrue that we can prove are not true,” Barron said. “You are printing things that are absolutely, factually untrue and, beyond being factually untrue, for anybody who knows Amy is like hilariously preposterous.”

Barron refused to give specifics when contacted by Rolling Stone, instead stating that they disagreed with the claim.

Kramer also texted the group on Dec. 13, 2020, saying she was still waiting to hear from the WH on the photo op with the bus. She stated that because she didn’t have the permits yet, they couldn’t tweet that the event would be held at the Ellipse until they were certain.

“We are following POTUS’ lead,” Kylie then wrote.

A text conversation from activist Dustin Stockton to Kylie on Jan. 3 made it sound like there was clear collaboration once again. She told Stockton that a “combination of us and WH” was in charge of arranging VIP rally credentials.

Jennifer Lawrence, Stockton’s fiancée, not the actress, inquired about the press credentials. The Trump campaign, according to Kylie, is navigating that part of it.

The Kremers was subpoenaed by the House Select Committee on Jan. 6, but it’s unclear if the information was provided over.

In the early hours of Jan. 5, Kremer texted organizers, “we are about to be part of a pivotal and historic moment in our nation’s history.”

“Thank you for taking this journey with Women For America First. I love you all and am grateful for each of you,” she wrote. “Let’s go save the Republic!”

Ali Alexander was putting up another protest on Jan. 6 at the Capitol.

“Two sources who were involved in the Ellipse rally planning previously told Rolling Stone they had concerns Alexander’s event could turn violent due to his apparent ties to militia groups and its location directly outside the Capitol,” Rolling Stone explained. “Those sources claimed Alexander initially agreed he would not hold the ‘Wild Protest’ and would allow the Ellipse rally to be the only major pro-Trump event in D.C. on January 6.”

Internal squabbles regarding Kramer’s and Alexander’s protests were revealed in the leaked documents.

“Ali trying to rearrange our women for america (sic) seats,” a volunteer wrote. “Stop that sh*t,” Stockton replied.

The sole reason the Alexander group was hosting their own, Kylie wrote on Dec. 31 in a text, was because his group was made up of “No one will be affiliated with those who aren’t invited or the President of the United States. How come you don’t get it? Seriously. Everyone has to get off that blasted bus because you’re all going insane about trivial issues.”

Another volunteer then inquired as to why the event’s details had not been tweeted. Ellipse events are extremely unusual, Kylie said, necessitating more red tape. She stated that she was coordinating with “Team Trump” to ensure that everything was in order.

“I am very frustrated and feel like you guys have NO IDEA the hoops we have been jumping through 24-7 lately. Google events at the Ellipse. Send me pictures that you can find of anything other than the Christmas tree light or menorah lighting that are official WH events. THEY DONT HAPPEN,” Kylie wrote. “Y’all this has got to stop. The back and forth. If anyone doesn’t like what … team trump and I are doing then you don’t have to come to January 6th.”

Within the group, squabbles continued, with Amy Kramer going so far as to publicly chastise her daughter for drinking on the text chain.

“Kylie, you need to slow your roll on the wine RIGHT NOW,” Kremer wrote. “We have so much work to do and not enough time to get it done.”

She then told the group, “There will be no more drinking on this trip.”

The meal order Kremer placed for the organizers who met in her Willard’s hotel suite was also obtained by Rolling Stone. At the same time that Kremer’s organization was decrying the violence, an order placed on Jan. 6 included a bottle of champagne. Pam Silleman, the Napa Tea Party’s coordinator, told The Uprising that she drank champagne in the Kremer suite while watching the Capitol’s storming on TV.

The suite was one of the best in the hotel, according to a March for Trump staff member, and the Kramers demanded “new lightbulbs” and other special demands. The directives may have tipped off law enforcement, according to the organizer.

“I got the call from someone at the FBI asking why I used my card at the Willard in DC. … It was an exorbitant bill. The suite they were in, it was ungodly expensive because Kylie had to have the presidential suite. That was what made her comfortable,” the team member told Rolling Stone. “She had to have her waffles every morning. She would check the lightbulbs at every hotel. She would have maintenance change the lightbulbs.”

Another organizer recalled around a dozen individuals in the suite, all of whom were drinking wine.

“She was sh*tfaced that night Kylie Kremer was,” the person recalled.

Some people were so horrified by the violence on January 6 that they decided to make a public statement the next day.

“I don’t think it is wise for us to talk to the press or have a press conference. Our statement yesterday was strong enough and we need to leave it at that,” Amy Kremer wrote on January 7. “Nothing god (sic) will come from us talking to CBS or any other mainstream media outlet. I hope you guys understand and agree.”

After then, there was a disaster. Kremer became trapped in her bathroom and texted the entire gang for assistance.

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