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King Trudeau May Be All Alone on His Throne as Other Provinces Abandon Him

At first glance, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sort of looks the part of a “pretty boy”. He projects a rather bombastic, elitist type of attitude. When he speaks, Trudeau comes off as a pompous, arrogant “Dudley Do-Right”.

He thinks he’s his country’s “do-good” ruling “Royal Canadian Mountie”. Watching Justin Trudeau, if only for a few moments, clearly gives the impression that he thinks he’s royalty. Well, things may be turning sour for King Trudeau. Canada is dealing with a bunch of angry truckers.

Like millions around the world, they are tired of unnecessary and tyrannical COVID mandates. These people are sick of having their freedoms taken by insolent, power-hungry elites. Usually, most ordinary people can ignore the bigotry of the ruling class.

However, with COVID came a new weapon to exercise control over their subjects. Trudeau’s Canada has been one of the worst examples of government overreach in the name of COVID. Now it appears to be boomeranging on him.

The truckers’ primary disagreement is with the mandates forcing Canadians to get a COVID vaccination. They are not “anti-vax”. Like many, they insist that injecting yourself with a hastily approved medicine must be a personal decision.

The government has no right to insist someone submit to such. That’s the whole gist of the trucker’s protest. They’re not alone. The wave of support for these trucker convoys has exploded. Justin Trudeau’s stranglehold on his “subjects” was threatened.

He needed to act, or face the prospect of being exposed for what he is. Trudeau is weak and coddled. He’s an elitist of royal lineage who bought his way into power. Trudeau was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

It’s no wonder he’s chummy with Joe Biden. Like old “Sleepy Joe”, Justin Trudeau is scared. So, what’s he doing? Trudeau is doubling down on his tyranny. Trudeau enacted “The Emergencies Act”. Born out of fear, this is an obvious power grab.

The executive order will be in effect for a month. Canada’s Emergencies Act will allow the federal government, on Trudeau’s order, to prevent any type of gathering in certain places. There is no distinction between a peaceful gathering or otherwise.

If Justin Trudeau doesn’t like what a group is gathering in approval of or disapproval of, he can use the “long arm of the law” to clamp down on them. This is not democracy. Trudeau’s Emergency Act is nothing more than an act of desperation by a frightened elitist.

Trudeau feels he will lose control of his society. We’re not talking about a practical sense of control that keeps social discourse amiable. Justin Trudeau fears that people will refuse to respect his Draconian mandates and orders. He’ll no longer be able to act like a king.

He’s watching his power slip away. What has to be even more alarming to Trudeau is the loss of support from his fellow Canadian liberals. Many leaders across Canada’s widespread provinces are indicating most COVID related mandates are on the way out.

Canada’s Health Minister, Christian Dubé, announced that as soon as Wednesday, Quebec residents will no longer need a vaccine passport in many situations. Other provinces are leaning towards either relaxing COVID restrictions or erasing them completely.

Justin Trudeau looks like he will be the only Canadian official trying to maintain the COVID stranglehold over the public. The pandemic is fading into the sunset like a cowboy hero riding off on horseback in a “spaghetti western”. The need for mandates and restrictions is over.

Many of them were never needed in the first place. They didn’t help. All these foolish policies did, was make people angry. However, used as a weapon, they made powerful leaders feel in control. COVID rules and restrictions allowed them to coerce and manipulate the public.

As the pandemic fades, so too does this power. Weak, self-entitled control freaks like Justin Trudeau are scared. They should be. They’ve been exposed. Very soon, Justin Trudeau, like countless other leaders who abused the pandemic, will be alone on his throne.

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