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Kindergarteners Forced to Eat Outside in the Cold, Jen Psaki Defends It (VIDEO)

It still blows my mind that people send their children to public school willingly.

I can understand it if you’re just unable to homeschool or send them to private school at the moment, but for some people to make a conscious decision to send their kids to government-run indoctrination camps.

And maybe your school is better, but don’t think it can’t happen to your school because that’s what everyone believes until it happens to them.

Parents recently learned that their children were being forced to eat outside in the cold in an effort to curb the “C-word”.

Parents received an email from the school which read:

On Sundays during January-February I will send a brief message indicating whether students will be eating indoors due to frigid weather in the coming week. This week students will remain eating outdoors as temperatures are expected to be above 38 degrees.

While it doesn’t explicitly say that the children will be eating in cold temperatures, what they give us is their limit as to what is acceptable for them. If it is 39 degrees outside, the children will be forced to eat outside in the cold in their effort to try and prevent from spreading the “C-word”.

One parent told The Post Millennial, “They’ve been outside all year. My kids have come home completely soaked from sideways rain. We’ve tolerated it until now. This is completely insane.”

According to that parent, though children are in a covered area outdoors, they are still exposed to the elements and “…they get 15-minutes start to finish so that children can rotate in and out! This means kids must go through the lunch line and eat in 15-mins. It’s all a shi* show.”

The principal also sent an email dated January 1 which acknowledged the weather conditions.

“Good chilly morning to you! With frigid temperatures forecast intermittently over the coming weeks, we are moving students indoors for lunch whenever temperatures drop below Kirkland’s ‘normal’ winter low of 38 degrees.”

And just look at that video above. They’re even having to sit on the ground.

I actually have an experience related to this. I’ve never sent my children to public school, I used to take my child to something that is known as Tinkergarten. It’s a fun way for little kids to learn about the outdoors, spend time outside with other kids, and play. They have classes set up based on all four seasons; winter, spring, summer,  and fall.

During the winter, my wife and I would wonder whether or not class would be canceled because it was so cold, but because the temperature would be above 40 degrees the class would continue even if it was rainy or the wind chill factor made the perceived temperature lower. Of course, we were not under any obligation to go, so if we felt it necessary, we would just stay at home.

And to wrap this all up, Jen Psaki defended this idea when asked about it during a press briefing.

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