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Kamala Harris Caught ‘Palling Around’ With Socialist Leader – The VP Plans To Attend Inauguration Of New Honduran President

Kamala Harris Caught ‘Palling Around’ With Socialist Leader – The VP Plans To Attend Inauguration Of New Honduran President

What’s Happening:

What can be said about Kamala Harris? Some in the media might still praise her. But after a year in office, her losses far outweigh her successes. She failed to address the border crisis. She often embarrasses herself in front of the cameras. And, in an annoying trend, she is found overseas while America suffers crisis after crisis.

Guess what? It’s happening again. Biden is suffering one of his worst weeks, yet. Crises are exploding around the world. Biden might have given Putin the green light to invade Ukraine. But where is Harris? Helping hold the administration together? Of course not. She’s jetting off to Honduras, to congratulate a socialist president.

From Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris is set to lead a delegation to Honduras later this week to attend the inauguration of the socialist president-elect who has controversial anti-Semitic ties.

Harris will be attending the inauguration of Honduran President-elect Xiomara Castro on Thursday following Castro’s victory to the Central American nation’s highest office after running on a socialist platform.

Harris will be fleeing the country again to attend the inauguration of a socialist president-elect in Honduras. She will be leading a “delegation” that will celebrate the victory of a Marxist who has anti-Semitic ties.

Who the heck is advising this administration? Do they have any brains in their heads? It’s plain to see that Americans do not support socialism. They are giving Democrats a failing grade. And they are tanking Biden’s approval for his very support of the system.

Yet Harris is all smiles while she supports what could end up being a dictatorship. And this during a period of global tension as socialist, totalitarian states make moves while Biden looks on powerless to do anything because he is such a weak leader.

That’s not a good look, no matter how you spin it. Harris is leaving the country as controversies mount to party with a socialist. Ugh. Whoever is running this circus needs to be fired. Nothing Harris or Biden does makes any sense. And even as their approvals drop, they keep doing the things that are outraging Americans.

I guess they never really learn?

Key Takeaways:

  • Harris will be flying to Honduras to support a socialist president-elect.
  • Xiomara Castro has controversial anti-Semitic ties.
  • Harris is known for leaving the country while crises break out.

Source: Fox News



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