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Kamala And Joe Share Eye-Opening Moment On Video – Biden Declares His Love And Harris Responds ‘I Do’

Kamala And Joe Share Eye-Opening Moment On Video – Biden Declares His Love And Harris Responds ‘I Do’

What’s Happening:

In all the flurry of bad news for the administration, it’s good to know the top brass haven’t forgotten about what really matters. Sure, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will go down as the worst president and vice president who ever lived. And yes, they are cruelly ignoring the many problems facing our country, including inflation, an open border, and rampant crime.

But these two knuckleheads still know how to treat each other right. Despite being in the same administration, they appeared in separate locations for a DNC video event. And sweet old, senile Joe took a minute to declare his love for his business partner—I mean—vice president. And she responded just the way you’d expect a lover would.

From Fox News:

“Hi, Kamala. I love you,” Biden said as he opened his remarks. “You always have my back. You’re really amazing. You’re the best partner I could imagine.”

“I do,” Harris responded.

The exchange was highlighted by the DNC on social media, with the account writing, “What a team.”

Weird. That’s all that we can say. Biden and Harris have the charisma of a Hallmark movie. Sleepy Joe took a moment to gush about Kamala Harris, a running mate he picked due to her race and gender. After saying he “loved” her and that she “always” had his back, she responds with a lukewarm, “I do.”

You do, Harris? In what way? You sat back and let the border get out of control. You flee to foreign countries whenever we have a crisis. You refused to “have Biden’s back” when he let Afghanistan fall to the Taliban. And you were unable to do damage control after Biden’s failed press conference, making matters worse.

Let’s be honest, we don’t want to see a president tell his VP he loves her. Who cares? Love is not all you need when you’re running the greatest country in the world. You need to actually know how to run this country. Trump probably didn’t love Pence. He certainly didn’t say it on a Zoom call. But at least the two held the country together during hard times.

The same cannot be said at all about Sleepy Joe and his demographic-inspired VP pick.

The DNC commented on Twitter over this clip saying, “What a team.” Yeah, what a team. What a team, which triggered runaway inflation, opened the border, let criminals run free, gave up a country to the Taliban, is surrendering Ukraine to Russia, and refuses to put Americans first.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden told Harris he “loved” her during a DNC video call.
  • Harris said “I do” in response to him saying she had her back.
  • The two are suffering the worst approval ratings for a liberal administration.

Source: Fox News



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