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Judge Rules Against Alex Jones for Sandy Hook Hoax, But What About the Russia Collusion Lie?

Judge Rules Against Alex Jones for Sandy Hook Hoax, But What About the Russia Collusion Lie?

Currently, our society is polluted with lies and misinformation. There have been multiple hoaxes perpetrated upon the American public. Conspiracy theorists will spew lies and disinformation in an effort to make real something that is not.

A Superior Court Judge in Connecticut has condemned one such person. Alex Jones used his website, “Infowars” to promote the idea that the December 2012 Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax.

Parents of the 10 victims sued Jones and Infowars. The parents in the lawsuit questioned how much Jones had profited from his misleading hoax about the tragic shootings. The Connecticut decision adds to at least three other rulings for the plaintiffs, including one in Texas.

Whether he profited from the theory is not the most important question surrounding this story. The critical thing to ask is why others, especially liberal big tech and mainstream media, are not held to the same standard?

Subsequently, Jones has admitted that he does not believe the fateful shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School were a hoax.

To some degree, spewing conspiracies perhaps should be considered criminal. For instance, what about the damage caused by a lying, high-ranking United States Congressman? What about the damage leveled across our country by a phony Russia collusion hoax?

Where is the accountability for obvious attempts to derail a presidential campaign and a subsequent presidency? Shouldn’t the same accountability be applied to people who for over four years regurgitated blatant lies?

In addition, what about the original source, including the dirty money that was behind the Russia collusion hoax? All evidence points directly to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign as the initial spot where the entire phony fabrication started.

“Crooked Hillary” really was crooked. Her entire campaign was an attempt to derail the campaign of a political rival with a vicious hoax. The Russia hoax was carried well into President Trump’s term in office. It handcuffed much of his presidency.

There is a double standard at play in our country. When will these liars ever be held accountable?

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