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Judge in Rittenhouse Trial Throws the Book at His Surviving Attacker

Last year we finally saw the end result of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. It was everything that it should have been he was innocent and he was found to be innocent of all charges. The prosecution really did a horrible job.

It was clear from the very beginning that they really didn’t have much of a case but of course, they were probably being paid tons of money so they were going to do it regardless.

There was still the matter of what was going to happen with the firearm that was used that night by Rittenhouse. That was actually decided last month when the judge decided that the firearm was to be destroyed instead of being returned back to its owner. I guess I can understand that to a degree and I’m sure that Kyle didn’t have too much of an opinion about what happened to it anyway because honestly it could have been treated as a piece of “memorabilia” Of some sort and that just wouldn’t be the best idea.

But that’s not the last that we’re hearing about Kyle or the others who were involved, namely Joshua Ziminski.

One thing that we know recently is that prior to the actual trial Ziminski was pulled over and arrested for a DUI. But it gets worse because now he is actually back in prison. At Judge Bruce Schroeder’s request, he is back in prison because of the incidents that occurred on that night.

“Last January, prosecutors indicted Ziminski for felony arson after video footage on his wife’s phone showed him starting a fire in a dumpster, asking fellow rioters for lighter fluid to help it spread, and pushing the dumpster into the road as police vehicles approached. Another video shows Ziminski at the scene of an overturned, burning trailer, ‘manipulating the fire with his right foot,’ according to the criminal complaint,” The Western Journal reported.

“Kenosha County Circuit Court records show that Kenosha defense attorney Terry Rose appeared before Judge Bruce Schroeder as jury selection was to begin and reported that his client, Kenosha amateur photographer Nathan DeBruin, had been intimidated by Ziminski,” Kenosha News reported Monday.

According to court documents, this all happened after a discussion in the courtroom that was very displeasing to Schroeder, who raised Ziminski’s bond from the $1,000 he previously posted to $14,000.

Honestly, this guy deserves to be locked up we all saw on video what he tried to do.

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