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Josh Duggar May Have Found a Way to Evade Conviction in Trial

Josh Duggar May Have Found a Way to Evade Conviction in Trial

Attorneys in the Josh Duggar child p***ography case have leveled their final arguments. While the former “reality star” must be grateful his trial hasn’t generated bipartisan debate, he’s still frequently part of the news conversation.

However, the abysmal fate of Duggar continues to worsen. Prosecutors eviscerated attempts by his defense team to insinuate that anyone at Duggar’s work had access to his computer. The Director of the Department of Justice High Technology Investigative Unit testified in the case.

James Fottrell helped cement the prosecution’s assertion that only Duggar is responsible for the child p***ography on his computer. Fottrell testified photos or texts were geotagged to Duggar’s phone. The connection Fottrell makes is extremely compelling evidence of Duggar’s guilt.

Furthermore, Fottrell was confident the phone was near the work computer at times when the child p**n was being accessed. Passwords used to access the videos matched passwords used by Duggar family accounts, including one on Instagram.

The technology expert went on to testify that he uncovered evidence of multiple downloads and streams of child p***ography on Duggar’s work computer. Fottrell insisted these were some of the “most offensive” videos he had ever seen.

The court also made another important ruling in favor of the prosecution. Judge Timothy L. Brooks ordered that allegations of prior sexual molestation could be used as evidence. The judge believed that the allegations were both clear and compelling.

The judge continued to allow associations of Duggar as having explicit ties between the sexual molestation allegations and the child p***ography charges being argued. The defense also failed in its attempt to have the testimony of a family friend stricken from the record.

Attempts to categorize revealing revelations testified by Bobye Holt were viewed as highly credible. The judge also refused to remove the testimony under the rules of clergy privilege. Duggar’s defense team has consistently tried to deflect the court’s focus.

The tactics appear to be failing. While Duggar may never be held accountable for the countless physical acts of molestation he is accused, hope is strong that he will pay dearly for this sickening indiscretion.

Sometimes karma works in odd ways. Twenty years in prison would seem a paltry price to pay for what Josh Duggar is alleged to have done to innocent little children. Maybe the Duggar family can launch a new reality series starring Josh; “The Countdown to Parole”.

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