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Joe Rogan Gets MASSIVE Offer to Ensure Censorship-Free Podcasting

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock then you’ve probably heard about all the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan recently.k

Snowflakes are losing their minds over anything that Joe Rogan says or has said in the past well basically his whole life. They already don’t like that he mentions the “you-know-what” and any controversial guest that he brings on the show.

Spotify has largely been defending Rogan but they have deleted approximately 100 of his previous episodes.

What does that tell you about our government and honestly, pressure from the woke crowd? He’s saying something that they don’t want him to say obviously, because they don’t like it. It’s not that they truly care about people and their well-being. They’ve already established that they truly don’t care about us. They just don’t want us red-pilling their own kind.

Well, I can say this with certainty, Joe Rogan will not be canceled. I mean he would royally have to mess up and honestly, I think he’s probably too good of a guy to have done anything or to do anything that would ACTUALLY ruin his career.

People love Joe Rogan. I love listening to him (depending on what guests he has on the show). But he is great for our country and I like what Jon Stewart recently said about Rogan and the controversy, “Don’t leave. Don’t abandon. Don’t censor, engage.”

This is everything that’s wrong with the Cancel Culture in one sentence. They either don’t know how to or are afraid to engage. We should never suppress the expression of ideas outside of our own. We don’t need to live in an echo chamber. For example, I am deep into the study of theology and it would have just been easy for me to read authors and listen to theologians who agree with me, but that doesn’t challenge me to make sure that what I believe is accurate. In order to do that, I need to be challenged and in order to challenge myself, I’ve got to read and listen to opposing or alternate views.

Well, all of this has just been to highlight that even if Spotify ever decided to cancel Rogan, he already has a backup offer.

Rumble has decided to extend an offer of $100 million to come to their platform and be censorship-free.

So like I said, he will not be canceled, even if kicked off of Spotify, which I HIGHLY doubt will ever happen after they agreed to pay him $100 million.

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