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Joe Manchin Knocks Down His Own Party – He Officially Tells America Joe’s Build Back Better Is Nonexistent, Dead

Joe Manchin Knocks Down His Own Party – He Officially Tells America Joe’s Build Back Better Is Nonexistent, Dead

What’s Happening:

Democrats suffered a huge loss when Sen. Manchin refused to back Biden’s radical spending bill. The moderate Democrat held the line against the rest of his party, who seemed eager to plunge America into greater debt. Manchin feared Biden’s tax raises, reckless spending, and expansion of the federal government would have hurt much more than help.

Word quickly came out that Democrats were going to “rework” the BBB early this year. They even claimed they were negotiating with Manchin to come up with a new version that would pass. Some even suggested we were only weeks away from this bill returning to the Senate floor. But, once again, we find Democrats caught dancing around the truth.

From Twitter:

Sen. Joe Manchin, asked about Build Back Better, said: “What Build Back Better bill? I don’t know what you guys are talking about.”

I asked him if he’s had any talks on the matter since December. “No, no, no, no. It’s dead.”

How odd. “Sources” from within the White House and Congress claimed that talks were going on to keep BBB alive. In fact, some reports even claimed that Manchin was meeting with Biden, etc. But according to Manchin himself, there have been zero talks since December. He stated flatly, “It’s dead.”

That’s good news for anyone that wants socialism far, far removed from U.S. shores. But it begs the question, who was saying “talks” were going on? Manchin didn’t seem to be involved in any talks—and he’s the one they need to pass the bill.

Was a group of lawmakers “reworking” the bill without Manchin’s input? That sounds like a bad idea. If they wanted him to support it, he’d be the first person they would go to for ideas. But Democrats come off as pretty stupid, these days, so I wouldn’t put it past them to keep Manchin out of the process.

What seems more likely is that Democrats weren’t having talks. That what we were hearing from Capitol was, once again, made up. Leftists, eager to pressure Manchin, might have floated around these stories, with no evidence to back it up.

But Manchin said the bill is dead. And when a bill is dead in Congress, there is little hope of a resurrection.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Manchin revealed the BBB bill is dead.
  • This comes after some claimed talks were going on to revive it.
  • Manchin refused to support the bill in December, striking a blow against Biden.

Source: Twitter



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