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Joe Biden Adds Another Blooper to His Highlight Reel During the Bob Dole Tribute

Joe Biden Adds Another Blooper to His Highlight Reel During the Bob Dole Tribute

The biggest bumbling buffoon to ever reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is at it again. Joe Biden is a never ending barrage of laughable gaffs and bloopers. As amusing as many of Biden’s missteps and speech blunders may be, they are equally disturbing.

No one with an ounce of compassion pokes fun of an elder person’s age-induced gaffes. However, that is not what concerns anxious Americans. Most feel sorry for Joe Biden, at least in some respect. However, this man represents our nation. He is the leader of the free world.

As new and more excruciating examples of his cognitive decline are exhibited for the world to witness, the obvious facts grow increasingly more alarming. Joe Biden is not up to the job of president. He should not be making decisions for the most powerful nation in the world.

He is a fool, and sadly a cognitively challenged old fool. The significance of his progressively more difficult challenges to speak in public was on full display this week. Many public speakers employ teleprompters as crutches to navigate long and difficult speeches.

At times, it seems Joe Biden needs one to help him remember who he is or where he’s at. Anyone using a teleprompter is well aware of preset queues to keep the speech on point. These prompts are not supposed to be read aloud. Everyone knows this.

However, multiple times during orchestrated speeches, Joe Biden has fumbled his way through the speech, invariably reading the teleprompter instructions as well. While it is sad, it also raises serious red flags. Biden embarrassed himself again during a tribute to the late Bob Dole.

During a solemn tribute to one of America’s beloved politicians, Biden clearly struggled to read his lines. Even during the reading of the parts of his script that he was supposed to be saying, Biden clearly struggled to speak. He’d looked like a feeble old man trying to talk. It was sad.

Then came the end, and a new segment to the “Biden blooper highlight reel,” was born. As Biden limped to the end of his tribute speech, he said, “We’ve always found ways to come together. We could find that unity again . . . and the message said – END OF MESSAGE.”

Again, so as not to ever appear insensitive, these gaffes might be amusing laughs if they were part of a comedy skit or a blooper TV show. They are not. These blunders are indicative of the crumbling mental capabilities of the leader of our great country.

Joe Biden is not cognitively capable of handling the duties of president. This man is entrusted with conducting critical one-on-one negotiations with our adversaries, such as Vladimir Putin. What can these mentally acute, confident leaders think, when what they envision is weakness?

While these powerful leaders, malicious enemies to American democracy, may feel a sense of pity towards Joe Biden, they also see a chink in our armor. They see a leader who is feeble and who projects vulnerability. Therefore, we are all vulnerable. America’s freedoms are vulnerable.

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