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Jill Biden Vanishes After Report Details Her Playing President Wreaked Havoc Overseas

A report obtained by a Freedom of Information Act has detailed that First Lady Jill Biden wreaked havoc overseas trying to play president.

The top US commander in Kabul during the withdrawal in Afghanistan, Rear Admiral Peter Vasely told investigators that Jill made the mission “more chaotic” because she was asking for special favors.

Vasely said the requests he was getting were a “distraction” that created competition for “already stressed resources.”

Originally the Pentagon’s priority was to first evacuate American citizens, then lawful permanent residents, then Afghans who aided the US throughout the war however, demands poured in.

Lead investigator, Brig. Gen. Lance Curtis, asked Vasely who confirmed that Jill Biden’s intervention clogged up the mission and caused chaos.

“That’s accurate,” Vasely confirmed “I was being contacted by representatives from the Holy See to assist the Italian military contingent … in getting through groups … of special interest to the Vatican. That is just one of many examples.”

“I cannot stress enough,” the admiral added, “how these high-profile requests ate up bandwidth and created competition for already stressed resources.”

“You had everyone from the White House down with a new flavor of the day for prioritization,” Vasely told Army investigators.

Many have hinted that Jill Biden being involved in the operation reveals that she is playing president. The First Lady has no business contacting ground commanders she is not the commander in chief.

The now-declassified report highlights how badly the Biden Administration handled the withdrawal.

As we previously reported, the Biden administration was so incompetent they were played by the Taliban and the below was the result.

Just two days ago Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that Biden’s Afghanistan pullout is a “success.”

The terrorist group ISIS is claiming responsibility for the attack, just a few days ago Biden didn’t believe ISIS was a threat.


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