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“It’s Immoral! Stop It Now!” Biden Accuses Conservative Media of “Killing Their Own Customers” by ‘Peddling Lies’ About Vaccines (VIDEO)

Every time we hear Joe Biden read one of his carefully curated scripts, we question the intelligence of the person who wrote it. With an obvious lack of cognitive awareness permitting him to deviate from his teleprompter, Biden must read what’s been prepared for him.

These scripts, which Biden bumbles through, have been meticulously edited. Besides his penchant for verbal blunders, many of Biden’s orchestrated remarks are even more alarming. It’s also blatantly obvious they are targeted at people who disagree with liberal policy.

During the 2020 Presidential campaign, Biden, more likely his behind-the-scenes puppeteers, proclaimed he would end the pandemic. He has not. It has gotten worse. Recently, unvaccinated Americans were blamed for every surge in the pandemic. That’s a lie.

Furthermore, Americans, who for personal or medical reasons do not wish to get “the COVID jab”, have been warned of a “winter of severe illness and death.” This grave pronouncement for death and despair flies in the face of medical truth. It is another lie.

Again recently, Biden’s scriptwriters resumed their incessant targeting of conservative media voices. In another carefully orchestrated, but all-together phony speech from the White House, Biden addressed the latest COVID-19 variant, Omicron.

Biden proclaimed, in festive holiday fashion, to be sending out free COVID tests to any American who wants one. Only problem is that they won’t be ready for shipment until weeks into the New Year. That’s typical for Joe Biden.

He’s invariably late for appointments, late for meetings, but especially late on policy decisions. During his Omicron proclamation, Biden appeared to waiver from his masterfully curated little cue cards. Like most astute liars, questions can trigger odd reactions.

No one is certain, but Biden seemed to have been prodded into deviating from his script. He insisted that the “unvaccinated are responsible for their own choices.” This seems like a feeble apology for basically calling them potential murderers.

But Biden went even further off script; or did he? Biden accused conservative TV and certain social media posts of “fueling dangerous disinformation”. Telling someone, a few months ago, that a COVID-19 vaccine would protect them from COVID sounds more like disinformation to us.

Crazy Joe insisted that these companies, and contributors, (fill in the blank with FOX News and other conservative news agencies), “are making money by peddling lies and allowing misinformation that can kill their own customers and their own supporters.”

There goes Biden again, proclaiming that anyone with a different opinion is a killer. Nice words from a so-called public servant who professed that he’d be “the great unifier”. In a brazen tone, Biden screeched, “It’s wrong! It’s immoral!” “Stop it! Stop it now,” he ordered.

What’s really amusing is Biden needs to look in the mirror. He and his bureaucratic blowhards are the ones spewing disinformation. They try to exercise unnecessary mandates and Draconian orders that fly in the face of science.

Joe Biden and the rest of his liberal cronies are the ones killing Americans. Their policies are killing families. They’re killing businesses and entire communities. They’re killing the American spirit. Like Biden’s carefully crafted speeches, it’s all being done on purpose.

Joe Biden has peddled one lie after another. No one should be surprised. Biden’s been peddling lies since the first day he ran for public office. Joe Biden has always had trouble with the truth. However, his scriptwriters seem to have an even bigger problem.

Joe Biden is not competent enough to ad lib anything. He struggles to make it through a carefully crafted speech using a teleprompter. If he had to speak genuinely, without a pre-written script, it would be a worse train wreck than what we are painfully witnessing now.

Someone is crafting every word coming out of Joe Biden’s mouth. It’s why he rarely answers questions. He can’t. However, that means someone is telling him what to say. Whoever is writing Biden’s speeches is the problem. They are the real liars; hiding behind a teleprompter.

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