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In State That Gave President Biden One-Party Control – Joe’s Approval Craters Down To 33 Percent In Georgia

In State That Gave President Biden One-Party Control – Joe’s Approval Craters Down To 33 Percent In Georgia

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden’s approval has been dropping for months. It has cratered in national polls, with Americans mostly “strongly disapproving” of the administration’s policies. Despite this overwhelming negative news, Biden’s handlers continue to push the very policies that are sinking them.

The news isn’t getting any better. One unlikely state flipped for Joe (under suspicious circumstances). In a runoff in early January 2021, voters from this state gave Biden’s Democrats control of D.C. But now, Biden has totally cratered in this state. His approval is dismal.

From Daily Caller:

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted in Georgia, a new poll showed, the state that he narrowly flipped in 2020 and that gave Democrats complete control of Congress weeks later.

Just 33% of voters approved of Biden, according to the latest University of Georgia School of Public and International Affairs/Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released Wednesday, down 17 points from its survey in May 2021.

Why It’s Important:

Democrats seemed confident in recent years they could flip the historically red state of Georgia. It seemed like they got their wish in 2020 when the state went for Biden and elected two Democrat senators. While we can go over the irregularities of that election all day, the fact remains that now, the Peach State is far from turning blue.

Biden’s approval is utterly terrible, according to a new poll. He just has a 33% approval among voters in Georgia, a 17 point drop from May of last year. This means that Republicans and independents are overwhelmingly rejecting Biden, with a fragment of Democrats holding on for dear life.

Doesn’t it seem odd that a state that so eagerly defied its own history to elect Biden would so quickly abandon him? Either all those Georgia Biden voters evaporated or they suddenly realized what a mistake they’ve made. Biden’s terrible policies have hurt Americans across the map, including the Peach State.

These poor numbers will not help Democrats win this fall. It is assumed radical socialist Stacey Abrams will once again run for governor. And Raphael Warnock, the controversial “pro-life pastor” serving in the Senate, is facing off against popular Republican Herschel Walker. With Biden dragging down the party, these liberal candidates will have a tough going.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden’s approval is tanking it Georgia, at 33%.
  • This comes after the 2020 Election, where the state went for Democrats.
  • Numerous elections this fall will decide the states’ makeup for years to come.

Source: Daily Caller



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