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Impeachment Push Begins For Democrat – After Criminal Charges Plummet, The Five Wants New Manhattan DA Bragg Out

President Trump now has those five lawmakers in his pocket now, as the impeachment push against Democratic DA Bragg has begun.

What’s Happening:

It’s no secret that crime is on the rise… in blue cities and states.The phrase “defund the police” was pointed out to be ill-conceived. Since then, Democrats have put forth policies that reward lawbreakers and put the safety of law-abiding citizens at risk.

And all signs point to it getting worse.

While conservative states are increasing funding for their police forces, Democrats are focusing on the needs of criminals. The new DA in Manhattan released his manifesto. He wishes to loosen penalties for a wide variety of crimes which is why some people are demanding his removal.

From Biz Pac Review:

Democrat Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s new district attorney… has issued a controversial 10-page memo instructing prosecutors not to prosecute many crimes going forward and stressed alternatives to incarceration…

Under most circumstances, Bragg’s office will no longer press charges at all in the cases of resisting arrest or obstructing, trespassing, fare jumping, certain traffic offenses including driving without a license, prostitution, and marijuana misdemeanors.

Alvin Bragg is the new liberal district attorney for Manhattan. Already, he is implementing policies that will make the city even less safe. Despite the fact the new mayor was a former police captain, this DA’s agenda would put criminals back on the street. He wants to reduce penalties for armed robbery, obstructing, trespassing, and more.

Under the former Mayor of New York, New York suffered from a sudden spike in crime. The left-wing politician pushed “reform” measures that eliminated bail, slashed the NYPD’s budget, and encouraged all sorts of crime. New Yorkers haven’t seen such dangerous streets since the 1970s. Yet they went ahead and elected a new DA that is just as bad.

Here’s what The Five think about that:

The folks over at The Five have an idea: impeach this DA who they say is trying to create “lawlessness and anarchy.” Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen. New Yorkers elected another Democrat to the mayor’s office. He and his administration supports Bragg and will do nothing to stop his radical agenda.

Democrats are introducing crime-supporting laws all over the country. In San Francisco, the cops aren’t doing anything about a dramatic increase in car break-ins. Residents are just leaving their cars unlocked, just so their windows won’t get smashed in. Now tell me, is that any way to live, in the United States of America?

If Democrats had their way, this would be the situation everywhere. No citizen would be safe. Biden is flooding the border with criminals as Democrats empty our jails. I’d like to say voters would one day come to their senses. But that might not happen in these deep blue areas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Manhattan’s new DA is pushing a radical agenda that will lower charges for many crimes.
  • The NYPD and locals are already calling out Alvin Bragg, Fox’s The Five called for his impeachment.
  • The new mayor was a former police captain but supports the DA’s extreme agenda.


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