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HUGE: Wisconsin Uncovers 100,000+ Voters with MAJOR Problem (VIDEO)

HUGE: Wisconsin Uncovers 100,000+ Voters with MAJOR Problem (VIDEO)

Still have reservations about conceding that Sleepy Joe Biden won the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election without cheating? Wondering how a sitting president could get more votes than he did in the previous election, but still lose? You’re not alone.

Well, a huge story announced out of Wisconsin further supports the argument that Joe Biden did cheat. President Trump had an opportunity for a second successful term as president stolen from him. Rigging and stealing an election is high treason.

A video has been released covering the public hearings being held by the Wisconsin Committee on Campaign and Elections. What was announced in this video was, on one hand shocking. However, on the other hand, it’s nothing all President Trump supporters don’t believe to be true.

The report documented the testimony of former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, the Honorable Michael Gableman. Gableman is irate over what investigations are uncovering. He threatened to sue a Facebook employee and former Barack Obama operative.

Judge Gableman told the Wisconsin committee that he was confident that the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s “goal was to defeat President Trump and elect Joe Biden.” Zuckerberg handed out nearly $9 million to five Wisconsin city election commissions.

The objective was to undermine the integrity of the election. Two mayors from these suspect cities are the target of court orders to appear before the committee or be arrested. Gableman says these two mayors have refused to answer questions. They’re clearly hiding something.

In November, a formal complaint was filed against the Green Bay mayor for turning over control of the 2020 elections to Zuckerberg’s cronies. These corrupt liberal operatives were given illegal access to the Internet and to ballot warehouses. Something smells awfully fishy.

The spokeswoman for President Trump, Liz Harrington, mentions other profound revelations that the investigations have unearthed. Harrington tweeted, “In Wisconsin, there are 119,283 ‘active voters’ who have been registered for over 100 years.”

There are dozens more questionable oddities within the state. Consequently, Joe Biden’s supposed margin of victory is only an estimate. Experts contend that Wisconsin lost track of as many as four times those 21,000 votes Biden supposedly had over President Trump.

If any fraction of these more than 100,000 suspicious 100-year-old registrations proves fraudulent, Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes must rightfully be awarded to President Trump. Wisconsin is not the only state where strange and unexplainable voter fraud happened.

Other red flags were discovered in Wisconsin as well. There were more than 10,000 active voter registrations prior to 2011; people who never voted in prior elections. Ironically, all these previous “non-voters” amazingly cast a ballot in 2020. Wonder who these ballots were for?

Investigations point to these votes being illegally cast by someone else. What’s even more alarming is how Wisconsin handed over any accounting for these irregularities to the liberal cronies of Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg is a crook. Joe Biden is a crook.

As investigations into the fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election continue to unfold, Americans should grow increasingly angry. The 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. A cherished part of American democracy was stolen.

What should the consequences be for perpetrating such a heinous fraud on the American people? The penalty should fit the crime. It’s treason. Zuckerberg, Biden, and the rest of the fraudsters must be punished. Maybe Sleepy Joe and his Facebook pal can share a federal prison cell.

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