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HUGE! Biden May Be Breaking Up with Kamala – Fox Reporter Told to Study Process for Confirming New Vice President

HUGE! Biden May Be Breaking Up with Kamala – Fox Reporter Told to Study Process for Confirming New Vice President

It might well be because of an abysmal job performance scorecard. or it could be due to a totally aloof demeanor. Nevertheless, Joe Biden’s love affair with his second-in-command seems to have hit an impasse. Biden and Kamala Harris may be “on the outs”.

It appears as if the liberal mainstream media’s proclamation of a “match-made-in-heaven” has experienced one too many “irreconcilable differences”. However, can Joe Biden, or any U.S. President for that matter, “sack the vice-president”.

That’s where the process gets sticky. The President of the United States holds a wealth of appointment powers. He or she is designated as the “number one citizen”. The vice president is tagged as the “number two citizen”.

Of course, upon the untimely demise of the “number one citizen”, for whatever reason, the “number two citizen” assumes the role as number one. Nevertheless, number one does not have the power to fire number two. But that’s where the game begins to get a bit tricky.

Joe Biden does have options available. Presidents can part ways with the vice president, but there are certain restrictions on how that end objective can be achieved. VP’s cannot simply be fired. They are elected public servants.

Biden can always persuade his liberal-controlled Congress to level the 25th Amendment against Kamala Harris. One key point on that option is the high probability it could produce a bipartisan supported process. Democrats dislike Kamala, but conservatives despise her even more.

She has made enemies across the aisle during her time as a congresswoman, but most importantly has alienated her own party members. Now it appears she’s alienating her boss. It gets really bad when “the boss’s wife” wants your head on a platter as well.

Jack Posobiec recently reported that Jill Biden was asking about how probable it might be to exercise the 25th Amendment against Harris. That’s a pretty interesting revelation, if accurate. But this is where the waters get really muddy.

Pushing forward a 25th Amendment would take a lot of wrangling. It would take a great deal of time as well. Biden would have to find favor with the radical wing of his party. His current policy blunders have him at odds with the liberal-crazed progressive wing of the Democrat Party.

There’s no guarantee a foundation for exercising such a removal could be established. The idea that enough Democrats would go along with the obvious stunt is equally questionable. However, there may be other ways to kick Kamala out the door, or so to speak.

Biden might actually use an intriguing strategy to get rid of Harris, by in a way promoting her. This is another avenue wrought with potential peril. First of all, Biden would need to get at least one Chief Justice from the Supreme Court to retire.

There were cries from the left for the 83-year-old Jimmy Carter appointee, Stephen Breyer, to step down. Breyer has insisted he has no intention of retiring under pressure from the left. However, might he be persuaded out of a higher duty for God and country?

Nevertheless, even if Biden could pry open an empty seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, he’d still need to get Kamala Harris approved. Back to the forefront would come all the burnt bridges that the arrogant Harris has left behind in embers.

It doesn’t appear the White House tiff is going to get better anytime soon. Harris was misidentified ahead of her opportunity to speak during a recent ceremony on the South Lawn. This has to really rub someone with an ego the size of Kamala’s the wrong way.

Right now, these are all rumors and palace speculation. However, one White House correspondent has recently inquired about how the process would work to confirm a new vice president. Questions such as those do not just come out of thin air.

One thing that is for certain, Kamala Harris was a horrible choice for vice president. She has done an abysmal job. Harris has botched her biggest assignment to grasp hold of the southern border crisis. She failed miserably. Kamala Harris is in over her head.

She’s also far too arrogant and clearly out-of-touch with normal Americans. Harris comes off as an egotistical elitist. That’s because that is exactly what she is. While there may not be any practical way to get rid of her, Kamala’s days of prominence are numbered.

As the lyrics, from a popular Cleveland, Ohio rock band, proclaim, “You got one thing to remember, when you’re climbing to the top; you’d better know the way back down.” If recent rumors are true, they better prepare Kamala Harris for a climactic tumble from grace.

The arrogant and insolent Kamala Harris has basically slept her way into national prominence. She is even despised by those in her own party. Her ascension to the second-highest government honor in the world has been based on lies.

Kamala’s lies and cackling aloof attitude are finally catching up with her. Less than one year into her term as Vice President of the United States, she has been rendered a useless commodity. The thud of her crashing back to hit her political bottom will be a welcome sound.

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