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Hours After Biden Press Conference Tanks – Kamala Harris Interview Spirals Out Of Control In ‘Today’ Roast

Hours After Biden Press Conference Tanks – Kamala Harris Interview Spirals Out Of Control In ‘Today’ Roast

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden’s press conference could only be described as a disaster. He fumbled over nearly every question. And what he said about elections, Russia, and other key issues outraged even liberal pundits. The White House is still doing damage control, releasing press statements aimed at backtracking much of what he said.

But never fear, because Kamala Harris is on her way! The only person worse at messaging than Biden is his “vice president.” She has a reputation for flopping during tough interviews. She appeared on TV this morning in the hopes of backing old Joe. It did not go well.

From Fox News:

Vice President Kamala Harris faced a tough line of questioning Thursday during a contentious interview on NBC’s “Today” addressing potential Russian aggression toward Ukraine, as well as President Biden’s suggestion the results of the 2022 midterm elections could be “illegitimate.”

Sparks flew from the interview’s onset as host Savannah Guthrie grilled Harris on directly answering her specific questions while the latter appeared set on reciting the administration’s talking points.


You know it’s going to be bad when a daytime TV show hammers you with tough questions. Savannah Guthrie went right for Harris’ throat over some of the worst things Biden said last time. Top on the list was his comments that seemed to be “green lighting” Putin into invading Ukraine. Of course, Harris did not do well.

There didn’t seem to be any of the usual liberal bias in the interview. The media apparently is going “off script,” finally confronting a Democrat administration for once. But even if Guthrie threw softball questions, Harris would have floundered. Many suspect Biden picked her because of her race and gender, not her leadership skills.

And it didn’t get better on CBS. From YouTube:


All throughout last year, she has proven ill-equipped for the office of vice president. She couldn’t fix the border. She is often MIA during crises. And rumors abound over the chaos within her staff team (with many leaving). And she is terrible at interviews, even when asked basic questions.

She is the very worst person to handle damage control after a night Biden had. Guthrie even interrupted Harris several times to contradict her empty talking points! She refused to accept what Harris was saying and demanded real answers.

Unfortunately, Harris had none to give. It seems the love-in between this White House and the media is over.

About time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Harris tried to do damage control on “Today” after Biden’s failed press conference.
  • The interview was a disaster, as the host grilled the VP.
  • Harris failed to answer her questions, as Guthrie repeatedly confronted her.

Source: Fox News



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