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Hillary Just Beat Biden In Florida – If Clinton Primaries The Flailing President In 2024, She Could Take Joe Down

Hillary Just Beat Biden In Florida – If Clinton Primaries The Flailing President In 2024, She Could Take Joe Down

What’s Happening:

I think it’s safe to say that Biden’s 2024 bid isn’t a shoo-in. Biden’s first year was a disaster. It’s only February, but his second year is shaping up to be worse. He can’t get anything done in Congress. His approval continues to decline. And polls suggest his party will lose big in November.

But what will the 2024 Democratic primary look like? Is there anyone that is willing to run against Biden—if he decides to run again? Many believe old Hillary is licking her chops, eager for a third chance at the White House. And, according to an alarming poll, she is doing better than Biden in one state.

From USA Today:

As it stands now, Biden would lose Florida in the 2024 presidential race to a Republican nominee, whether it’s DeSantis or Trump – and he is even trailing in a hypothetical Democratic primary to former presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, by a within-the-margin-of-error tally of 46%-43%.

Uh-oh. It should come as no surprise that Biden would lose Florida in a general election match-up between Trump or DeSantis (Trump won Florida in 2016 and 2020). But the new poll also reveals Hillary Clinton is even beating him in a hypothetical primary showdown. It’s within the margin of error, but it is no less surprising.

Hillary Clinton has not announced any campaign plans. But many believe her recent public appearances were attempts at testing the waters. She surely continues to have influence within the Democratic Party (that could explain why they keep making such bad decisions). If she does decide to run against Joe Biden, she might at least take Florida from him.

But, let’s be honest. This speaks more of Biden’s unpopularity than any advantage that Clinton might have. She is still considered a widely unliked figure in America. For as far back as we could remember, she has been thought of as cruel, vindictive, and self-promoting. So, for this woman to be beating Biden, it tells you how much Americans hate Joe.

Biden’s administration is coming apart at the seams. It appears they have no idea how to run a country. Every department seems to be run by an unqualified political appointee. And the results are obvious: inflation, rising gas prices, instability around the world, and a chaotic border.

Of course, Americans are saying, “Anyone but him!”

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden is losing to Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical primary run in a Florida poll.
  • Clinton has not announced a race, but some are speculating she is plotting.
  • Biden’s approval continues to drop, as his administration flounders.

Source: USA Today



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