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Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Comes Under Spotlight in Durham Investigation

You rarely hear anything about John Durham and his investigation anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s over.

Durham has been investigating the whole Russian collusion hoax as well as the Clintons’ involvement in the whole matter, and things are about to get serious.

Special Counsel John Durham has been investigating the 2016 campaign of Hillary Clinton and you may even remember that last month the FBI arrested Igor Danchenko who was one of the top “researchers” behind the whole Steele dossier. I’d prefer to call him a propaganda artist or a liar, but I guess he did have to do some research in order to figure out how to lie effectively.

The Hillary Clinton Campaign and its employees are subject to “matters before the Special Counsel.”

Durham notices the potential conflict of interest, informing the court that Danchenko’s trial might raise the following issues:

  1. the Clinton Campaign’s knowledge or lack of knowledge concerning the veracity of information in the Fusion GPS reports sourced by Danchenko,
  2. the Clinton Campaign’s awareness or lack of awareness of Dancehnko’s collection methods and sub-sources,
  3. meetings or communications between and among the Clinton Campaign, Fusion GPS, and/or Steele regarding or involving Danchenko
  4. Danchenko knowledge or lack of knowledge regarding the Clinton Campaign’s role in and activities surrounding the Fusion GPS reports, and
  5. the extent to which the Clinton Campaign and/or its representatives directed, solicited, or controlled Danchenko’s activities.

It still blows my mind that James Comey got away with the whole email scandal, but hopefully she won’t get away with this one. I think in the end, the Clintons will go down as one of the largest crime families in U.S. history. Just think of all the corruption that they have been caught up with and all the friends they’ve had who committed suicide.

I don’t care who you are, NOBODY has that many corrupt friends and people who commit suicide without being involved somehow.


Written by daniel

December 22, 2021

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