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Here We Go Again…CDC Monitoring Residents for Sickness After Truck with 100 Test Monkeys Crashes (VIDEO)

Sometimes there are some just insanely weird things that happen in the world. Some of them are so strange and so coincidental that it really makes you wonder if they were done on purpose.

Most Americans no longer trust the CDC. After the past couple of years, there has been just way too many problems with conflicting data and about-facing going on to lend them any credibility anymore.

Now that the you-know-what is almost over with, the thing that many liberals are pondering is what they can now to keep Americans afraid once again so that we are compliant easily controlled.

Well, look no further because it seems that they’re already trying to stir something up.

According to a CDC spokesperson, the monkeys were en route to a CDC-approved quarantine facility after landing Friday morning in New York. They are originally from Mauritius, a country in eastern Africa.

The crash happened around 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon, that’s when the three monkeys got free in the Danville area.

Police say the driver who was transporting the monkeys was charged in the crash.

Originally, state police told us four monkeys were on the loose.

As of Saturday afternoon, some people were still worried.

“Little monkeys, we got bears, we have coyotes, we have deer, you know all the time. A little 3-pound monkey doesn’t scare me, but why are they so concerned about it is what concerns me,” said Howie Lerch, Valley Township.

Friday night Newswatch 16 spoke with Michelle Fallon of Danville, who saw the entire accident. She jumped into action; helping both drivers and the loads they were carrying.

“I walk up back on the hill and this guy tells me, ‘Oh, he’s hauling cats. I said, ‘oh.’ So I go over to look in the crate and there’s this green cloth over it. So I peel it back, I stick my finger in there and go ‘kitty, kitty.’ It pops its head up and it’s a monkey,” Fallon said.

What I’m curious about is what they would be infected with and if they were infected with something, why are they transported in such a way as to be so easy for them to escape?

This should be like a brinks truck or something and nearly impossible to penetrate if they could be carrying potentially harmful or deadly diseases.


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