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Gingrich points the finger at Pelosi – Newt squarely places the blame on Nancy for Capitol security failure.

Gingrich points the finger at Pelosi – Newt squarely places the blame on Nancy for Capitol security failure.

What’s Happening:

Nancy Pelosi is shirking her Speaker duties to push a political agenda. Instead of dealing with the commission on racial inequality that she established, she is instead focusing on Trump by creating another J6 commission. Her goals are becoming clear: either find evidence of Trump’s guilt or create a distraction from her time as Speaker which can be spent helping Americans

So far, many believe she has been failing.

Obviously, the media refuses to admit this. They are blaming Trump for the tragedy and trying to say he is mainly responsible for what happened.But former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has another take. He blindsided Pelosi, saying she is squarely at fault for what went on.

From Fox News:

“Well, I think she is the person who is the most responsible for what happened.

“It was her job to ensure that there was adequate police, and if they didn’t have adequate police it was her job to ensure that the National Guard was there.

“So a lot of this, I think, is a dance by the Democrats, who don’t want us to look very closely at what actually happened…

“Again, as a former speaker, I was deeply offended that anybody would do what they did on the Capitol grounds, but as a former speaker I was also really offended that the current speaker, Pelosi, failed so totally in her job, which was to make sure this didn’t happen.”

During an interview with Fox News, Gingrich blasted Pelosi for not providing enough security on the day of his protest. Knowing that Congress would be convening for that important certification, she should have made sure there were enough Capitol police to protect the grounds. If there were not enough, Gingrich says she should have called in the National Guard.

Gingrich criticized Nance for her failure in her job throughout the interview, which is why so much chaos ensued. Now, she and Democrats are “dancing” around with this political witch hunt, to prevent Americans from asking what really happened. It’s possible Pelosi knows she should be held accountable for what happened.

But if she makes enough noise with her bogus commission, she could be hoping people will pass the blame onto Trump. Gingrich isn’t fooled, however. As a former Speaker, he knows exactly what should have been done to prevent the tragic events of that day. The House Speaker has the authority and responsibility to protect the Capitol Building.

We’ve heard reports that Pelosi was given warnings a day earlier about possible problems. With tensions so high and with so many people in D.C., any reasonable Speaker should have provided additional security. I’m shocked that Nancy Pelosi hasn’t looked into this. Why isn’t she investigating the issue herself or even doing any other investigation on it?

Perhaps we need to be paying more attention to what Newt is saying?

Key Takeaways:

  • Newt Gingrich blamed Nancy Pelosi for the events of January 6.
  • He said it was the Speaker’s job to provide police or the National Guard.
  • Gingrich said Pelosi “failed so totally in her job” to defend the Capitol.


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