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French Scientists Proclaim a New COVID-19 Variant “IHU” Has 46 Mutations

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to compare the COVID-19 pandemic to an overly dramatic daytime soap opera. Plot twists for a global pandemic that’s killed millions have meandered along at an agonizing pace. Just when we assume a logical conclusion, a new twist emerges.

Every time the world feels a sense of relief from welcome news, a new version of the virus explodes these brief moments of hope. As each new variant seems to wane, scientists hurl a new, exceedingly more mutated form of SARS CoV-2 at the beleaguered world.

Just like a pitifully written storyline, the world was ready for this production to end even before it finished its first season. However, COVID-19, like that crummy soap opera that won’t seem to go away, keeps inventing new, even more depressing plot twists.

Battling COVID-19 long ago became redundant. Nevertheless, it continues to reemerge in the form of a new variant. When scientists proclaim the discovery of a new variant, it’s like an entire cast of characters has been obliterated.

However, one “starring role” continues to be exploited by government bureaucrats; fear. As the most potent variant to date, Delta, lurched across the United States, Joe Biden predicted a death sentence for the unvaccinated. As usual, he was wrong.

Fearmongering is the one key role in the COVID soap opera that has never died. Its latest name is IHU. Here we go again. Evidently, French scientists say they have discovered this new COVID-19 variant, and linked it to a traveler from Cameroon.

There’s little known about the latest COVID plot twist, other than the scientists say it has 46 mutations. The most recent “leading variant” in the COVID saga, Omicron, reportedly has between 26 and 32 mutations. Omicron previously owned the COVID record for such.

French scientists estimate that IHU has potentially up to 46 mutations, but gave no indication what effect these mutations will have on the virus. As data from South Africa emerged concerning the Omicron variant, it appeared to signal a welcome twist in the COVID saga.

While exceedingly more transmissible, Omicron is dramatically less dangerous. Some experts even believe a vast percentage of people may get Omicron and never realize it. Omicron’s symptoms and effective seriousness have been compared to the common cold.

Other experts contend this is a logical progression of virus evolution. To attach themselves to a larger percentage of its host population, viruses can invariably weaken. There is a strong indication this is happening with SARS CoV-2.

In its effort to enhance its ability to transmit more easily, COVID-19 may be killing itself. However, you won’t hear any of these facts from the fearmongering mainstream media. Once the COVID crisis loses its impact, bureaucrats will lose a weapon of control.

Draconian mandates and tyrannical lockdowns will become unnecessary. Many believe these two issues happened long ago. Nevertheless, these power hungry elites refuse to let go. COVID-19, and every new variant, is their weapon of fear.

However, millions realize what is going on. COVID-19 truly was a deadly virus when first unleashed on the world out of a virology lab in Wuhan, China. Sadly, it has killed millions worldwide. But the continuous push for unnecessary mandates has been equally devastating.

People across the world have endured the weight of the pandemic, whether or not they got sick. Families have been shattered. Communities have been destroyed. COVID-19 is like a dreadful soap opera, with shameful acting and awful plot twists. It’s time to cancel the COVID soap opera.

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