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Freedom Truckers Send PM Trudeau Spinning – They Blow Away Fundraising And Trudeau’s Former Comments Unearthed

Freedom Truckers Send PM Trudeau Spinning – They Blow Away Fundraising And Trudeau’s Former Comments Unearthed

What’s Happening:

You might not be aware of what is going on in Canada, but it is worth our attention. Prime Minister Trudeau implemented strict mandates that are jeopardizing truck drivers. So, thousands of them descended on Ottawa to protest. Did Trudeau acknowledge them? Yeah, he called them a “fringe group” and worse.

Well, this fringe group just fundraised more money than most of Canada’s political parties.

From Breitbart:

The massed ‘Freedom Convoy 2022’ of Canadian truckers currently stationed around the capital Ottawa is close to raising $10m to support its cause of defeating Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “political overreach,” […]

The Independent reports this amount is higher than the money raised by major federal political players of Canada during the closing months of 2021, public records with Elections Canada showed.

It seems Trudeau is going to have a hard time ignoring this “fringe group” after this. As word spread about Canadian truckers fighting the PM, a GoFundMe page was set up to support their efforts. Reportedly, the money will go to provide food and lodging for the folks that continue to protest Trudeau’s radical policies.

The money, according to one report, is greater than what major parties in Canada raised at the end of 2021. Ouch, you know that’s got to sting. But so far, Trudeau has refused to take this group seriously. He recently said he tested positive for COVID, so he’s hiding out at home. Some people pointed out his current anti-trucker contradicts what he was saying just two years ago when these truckers were saving the country’s bacon.

From Fox News:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once heralded truck drivers for their work during the pandemic before slamming those same truckers for allegedly spewing “hateful rhetoric” during their “Freedom Convoy” protest against a vaccine mandate.

And the folks who shelled out cash to support the truckers were not kind to the PM. Some urged voters to “get this clown out of the office.” Others reminded Trudeau of his infamous “black face” photo. One commenter called the PM “the Turd” and championed freedom over a “low IQ” politician. Needless to say, the people are on the side of these intrepid truckers.

It seems the movement is growing, with rumors that American truckers will stage a convoy of their own. Still, we’ve yet to see how the Canadian government will respond to this movement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Canadian truckers raised nearly $10 million on GoFundMe.
  • This comes as PM Trudeau continues to ignore and insult the movement.
  • Truckers were once praised by Trudeau for keeping supplies moving in 2020.

Source: Breitbart, Fox News, GoFundMe



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