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Freedom Convoy Spreads To Untied States – Biden Should Get Prepared For American Truckers To Head To His Doorstep

Freedom Convoy Spreads To Untied States – Biden Should Get Prepared For American Truckers To Head To His Doorstep

What’s Happening:

For weeks, we’ve been watching the Freedom Convoy rock Canada. The leftist establishment has tried to take down this growing group of plucky truck drivers. But people around the world have surged to support them. And the more Trudeau and his goons try to tear down this movement, the more it seems to gain steam.

And the movement is spreading all over the world. Truckers in Europe have been forming their own convoy and protest. Protests have been popping up in other countries as well. And it seems that truckers in the United States are getting ready to send old Biden a message.

From Fox News:

Taking a cue from truckers bordering America’s north, a political action committee will partner with truck convoys to protest what it deems as overreaching government COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

The Great American Patriot Project on Wednesday asked volunteers to contribute, join or support a convoy of truckers slated to travel to Washington D.C. next month.

Routes for the convoys will start in Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio and Fresno, California and will end on March 6 in Washington. They will be met by a congressional welcome committee to discuss policy changes, organizers said.

This is big news. Ever since Canadian truckers started protesting their government, people asked, “What about America?” As bad as Trudeau is, he can’t hold a candle to the eradicate, unconstitutional, and abusive mandates “President” Biden has been pushing. Even as his approval sinks into oblivion, he continues to demand Americans give up their freedoms.

Now, a PAC is forming numerous convoys. These truckers will be starting in Cleveland, Columbus, and Fresno and head their way to D.C. The Great American Patriot Project is raising support and recruiting volunteers for the movement. The truckers, when they reach D.C., will be met by a congressional welcome committee.

That suggests this thing has real backing, from members of Congress.

The protest will be non-violent, which is something the liberal media will be sure to pounce on. Make no mistake, the leftist establishment will go out of its way to find a reason to slander this movement. They encouraged dangerous riots all throughout 2020. But a group that is protesting Joe Biden? They will be branded villains, for sure.

But this movement doesn’t seem to be going away. More people are getting behind the Freedom Convoy. The only people who refuse to notice will soon regret it.

Key Takeaways:

  • A PAC is organizing convoys in the U.S. mirroring the Freedom Convoy.
  • Truck drivers and others will be driving from Ohio and California to D.C.
  • They will be protesting Joe Biden’s failed mandates and administration.

Source: Fox News



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