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‘Freedom Convoy’ Has Ottawa Police Scared And Out In Force

Recently, Ottawa police officials have had police forces spending their resources on moving protesters out of the city’s downtown area just one day in the wake of thousands of truckers and tens of thousands of demonstrators marching across the city demanding an end to vaccine mandates.

This past Saturday, this “Freedom Convoy,” which is reportedly almost 45 miles long at one point and consists of hundreds of vehicles, made its way through the downtown area of Ottawa as truck drives in Canada sought to fight the vaccine mandates throughout the country. This protest has officially spilled over to a second day in the Canadian capital with most of the protesters still demonstrating in opposition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the new vaccine mandates.

In an announcement this past Sunday, officials with the Ottawa police forces stated that its overall focus would be moving towards a plan for ridding the downtown area of protesters by using attempt to push the demonstration out of the downtown area in efforts to try and return the area to normal in the wake of this massive influx of people.

“This afternoon, a large presence of police continues throughout the downtown core and the movement of protestors and trucks continues to be managed,” read a statement from police officials. Said statement went on:

Police and City staff are very aware of the complaints relating to parking, idling, noisemaking and other inappropriate behaviour. At this time, due to safety concerns, management of the protest and traffic must take precedence.

However, these matters are being responded to as soon as resources become available. Police continue to respond to calls for service throughout the city.

Throughout the remainder of the day and into the evening, focus will shift to implementation of egress and traffic approaches that move crowds and vehicles out of the downtown core. This will require a significant number of police and city resources.

Back on Friday, just before the start of the rally, Trudeau put forth a statement calling this “Freedom Convoy” just a “fringe minority” that is just extremely vocal and does not actually represent the majority of Canadians.

“We know the way through this pandemic is by getting everyone vaccinated and the overwhelming majority, close to 90% of Canadians, have done exactly that,” claimed Trudeau. “The small, fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa who are holding unacceptable views that they’re expressing do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other, who know that following the science, stepping up to protect each other is the best way to continue to ensure our freedoms, our rights, our values as a country.”

People in support of the movement have turned these words around on the prime minister, using them to motivate the throngs of protesters to show up in force and demonstrate. Ezra Levant, a Rebel News publisher and extremely vocal critic of Trudeau, referenced the prime minister’s comments during a speech that took place at the rally on Saturday.

“I want to tell you what excites me the most about this crowd,” stated Levant. “I see a lot of cameras, a lot of independent journalists. Because when people say what do we do about the media, I say, you become the media, that’s what you do. … The news media acts like a party: the media party. It’s a subsidiary of the Liberal party. So, you’ve got to tell the story yourselves. Everyone who is here, everyone who is along the road, has to bear witness and testify to what they saw, because there’s two different, competing narratives.”

“I’ve never seen a more diverse group of Canadians,” he went on. “And far from violence, people want to not be violated anymore. Justin Trudeau says you’re extreme, but he’s the one who has violated our civil rights. He thinks we’re a ‘fringe,’ but that’s a pretty bloody big fringe.”

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