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Florida Woman Charged With Hiding Massive Amount Drugs In Insane Location

Recently, one Florida woman has been officially charged with neglect and child abuse, along with large drug charges, in the wake of police allegedly discovering over 34,000 lethal doses of fentanyl hidden inside her small baby’s crib.

The mother in question, Rebecca Turner, aged 35, was taken into custody after police carried out a search via warrant on her place of residence, reported Law & Crime.

“During the search warrant, investigators located a small yellow back [sic] in a baby crib, in the master bedroom, that contained personal documentation and clothing for Turner,” stated the Panama City Police Department (PCPD) in an affidavit complaint that was recovered by the outlet. “Within the bag, investigators located a baby formal [sic] can that contained several plastic baggies with different substances.”

The sacks of substance were field-tested and allegedly were full of multiple doses of fentanyl, methamphetamine, and cocaine. One of the bags recovered was reportedly full of “a green leafy substance.”

As stated in a press release, the PCPD stated that the drugs were found while carrying out a child abuse investigation. The detectives that took over the care were informed by the Florida Department of Children and Families This past Wednesday that Turner was allegedly abusing her kids. Police officials investigated and charged Turner “with two counts of child abuse and violation of probation,” stated the PCPD.

Detectives alongside members of the PCPD’s Street Crimes Unit performed a walk-through of Turner’s resident and secured a warrant. That is when these investigators discovered the sacks hidden inside the baby’s crib. As reported by the PCPD, the sacks contained:

  • Multi-colored pills that field-tested positive for both methamphetamine and fentanyl.
  • A crystal substance that field-tested positive for methamphetamine.
  • A white substance that field-tested positive for cocaine.
  • A green substance that field-tested positive for fentanyl.
  • A small black scale and the suspect’s identification card.

“The amount of fentanyl confiscated equals more than 34,000 lethal doses of the drug. In all, more than 76 grams of methamphetamine were confiscated, along with more than 21 grams of marijuana” stated a report from the PCPD.

Law & Crime stated in a report that the child abuse charges are from an entirely separate affidavit, which highlighted:

In June 2021 the [redacted] victim was seen by the Children’s Advocacy Center for physical injury, including multiple bruises were in see [sic] on his inner thighs and behind his knee, places where a child the victim’s age would not normally get injured from a fall or from playing.

In January 2022 the victim was seen by the Department of Children and Families due to a report of abuse. The victim, now [redacted], had bruises all over his body and patterned bruises on his back and thigh. Two witnesses provided sworn, recorded statements on how they have seen the defendant hit the victim, including with objects like a kitchen spoon and a cell phone.

Turner allegedly stated to police that the child “runs into walls, falls off beds and countertops” but failed to explain the “patterned bruising on his thighs.” Turner also allegedly denied access to food and water from the child.

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