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First Lady Jill Biden Admits Defeat – Just One Year In, She Has Failed At Giving Americans Free Community College

First Lady Jill Biden Admits Defeat – Just One Year In, She Has Failed At Giving Americans Free Community College

What’s Happening:

Once upon a time, President Donald Trump declared that America will never be a socialist country. Joe Biden and his Democrat Congress have done their best to defy that prediction. But the good news is, Biden’s biggest attempt at forcing socialism onto America failed last year. All it took was one sane Democrat to kill Joe’s “Build Back Better” agenda—which was socialism on steroids.

Word circulated for a while that the bill would come back this year. Some claimed that “talks” were ongoing and that a revised version would reemerge. Again, Joe Manchin crushed those claims, saying the socialist bill was dead. And with it, Jill Biden’s signature plan. She, like her husband, wanted to burden American taxpayers with a costly, socialist program. But, she just admitted she failed.

From Townhall:

First lady Jill Biden acknowledged in a speech on Monday that her signature legislative initiative will not be included in Democrats’ spending bill.

“One year ago, I told this group that Joe, my husband Joe, was going to fight for community colleges,” she said at a summit of community college leaders. “But Joe has also had to make compromises. Congress hasn’t passed the Build Back Better legislation — yet. And free community college is no longer a part of that package.”

Why It’s Important:

In order to keep liberals supporting them into the midterms, Democrats in D.C. keep pretending like BBB is still alive. We all know that’s a joke. Without Manchin and Sinema’s support, there is no way Biden is getting his deal done. Knowing this, Jill Biden, unusually close to this administration’s agenda, admitted that “free” community college tuition was not going to happen.

Hey, at least she’s being honest—a little bit. It’s pretty unnerving to see a first lady so involved in an administration’s agenda. A first lady should be spearheading her own plans, with support from the White House. She should not be lobbying for a massive socialist program that would provide taxpayer-funded tuition for community colleges.

It’s bad enough that they even talked about this. Since when does anyone want to go to community college? Sure, you can get a degree and quickly enter the workforce. But something tells me all those spoiled, entitled brats that wanted “free” tuition expected a free ride to Harvard. They weren’t interested in going to “Joe Blow’s Community School.”

Not that it was a good idea in the first place. The government doesn’t offer “free” anything. Just sub-par services that are paid for by hard-working Americans. Families will struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table because some selfish kid in Portland wanted a free ride.

That’s true for all social programs. But at least this one is as dead as a doornail.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jill Biden was forced to admit her plans for free college were dead.
  • She had promised to provide taxpayer-funded tuition to community colleges.
  • With the failure of the BBB agenda, that promise is broken.

Source: Townhall



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