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FINALLY! Election Fraud Footage We’ve Been Waiting For! – Deleting Files from Server Before Turning Over Data

Liberal parrots will continue to echo the same narrative when talking about the 2020 presidential election. They repeat what the left wants them to recite. Any claims of election fraud are unfounded and untrue. They restate these same talking points repeatedly.

It’s as if they think that if they continue to say it over and over again, it will somehow become true. It’s not. Joe Biden, supported by the corrupt liberal political machine, cheated. There is so much evidence of cheating that it’s no longer just a possibility that the election was stolen.

It’s now obvious that it was. A key state in which Joe Biden’s fraudulent steal is the most obvious is Arizona. It is one of a handful of critical swing states that Biden had to steal to come out on top. As a result, Maricopa County, Arizona, has experienced an intense number of audits.

Each one unearths another example of fraud. There were dead people who cast votes, fraternity houses that had registered voters well into their 40s, and a bunch of other suspicious vote totals that added up to more than the number of registered voters on the precinct’s rolls.

The Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, has been busy. The release of a recent video is going to make Brnovich even busier. The video captures Maricopa County election officials deleting archived files off the server. This happened ahead of a file delivery to auditors.

The excuse is that they needed to delete files to make room for the next election. If this proves to be authentic, it’s a crime. The things uncovered in Maricopa County, Arizona barely scratch the surface of the widespread fraud across the country.

The entire 2020 presidential election was criminal. Besides the massive amount of voter fraud, the mainstream media and big tech worked hand-in-hand to manipulate the election as well. The 2020 election was the most fraudulent abuse of this cherished right in history.

In Arizona, the extensive evidence of voter fraud compelled Secretary of State Mark Finchem to propose a bombshell resolution. The resolution seeks to decertify at least three of Arizona’s county results and reclaim the state’s electoral votes.

Like many political experts have said, this election isn’t over yet. However, America needs more states to step up and do what’s right. There isn’t evidence of just “a little fraud”, only enough to warrant minimal attention. The amount of cheating and the level of fraud are astonishing.

Many election officials and circuit court judges are afraid to stand up to the radical left. They fear reprisal from the corrupt liberal justice system. Nevertheless, the evidence keeps mounting. These Arizona election officials have been caught red-handed. Will there be more to come?

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