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FBI Raids Headquarters of COVID Testing Company After Alleged $124 Million Cover-up

The swirl of confusion around COVID-19 can be mind-boggling. We were told we needed to dedicate two weeks of our lives to expert scientists, so we could “flatten the curve”. We’ve seen anything but a flattening of a so-called COVID curve.

Tragically, COVID has turned into something more like a bad roller coaster experience. Initially, trusted medical experts told us masks weren’t helpful. As time wore on, staunch recommendations proclaimed masks were essential, even two if you could stand it.

The world has endured lockdowns and school closures. Politicians changed course multiple times on their feelings about the hastily approved COVID-19 vaccine. This confusing rhetoric has created a division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

Sometimes we think the acronym COVID should stand for “Confusion Over Virus Information Doubtless”. Another baffling aspect of the pandemic revolves around testing. Who needs to be tested? Should you get tested, regardless of where you’ve been, just to be safe?

How reliable are the results? If you test negative, are you really negative? If you test positive for COVID-19 but don’t feel the least bit sick, are your test results accurate? Well, if the insanity of COVID was bad enough, one testing company may have helped make it worse.

Despite millions of people dying worldwide, some have used the pandemic to further their own agenda. Politicians are the most obvious. Big Pharma has pocketed billions. However, one company may have bilked the federal government out of more than $124 million.

The “Center for COVID Control”, which sounds all-too official to be unscrupulous, secured roughly 80,000 COVID-19 tests each day. According to reports posted by The Hill, the CCC gathered tests from over 300 locations across 26 U.S. states.

Since most Americans can get COVID tests for free, someone was footing the bill. Testing sites that were not attached to public healthcare facilities received government reimbursements. Turns out, like many scams, it’s a nice job if you can get it.

People became suspicious of CCC founder Aleya Siyaj when she began to explore some rather bizarre business adventures. The 29-year-old opened up an ax-throwing lounge and a donut shop.

NBC News reported that Siyaj and her husband, Akbar Syed, enjoyed bragging about their wealth. The couple’s sudden rise to an astronomical level of affluence seemed suspicious. They posted pictures of a pair of Lamborghinis and a Ferrari.

The couple has a mansion valued at over $1.3 million. It seems running a COVID testing facility is a nice job if you can get it. However, it becomes a lucrative business venture if you figure out how to game the system. This couple appears to have mastered the art of the “COVID scam”.

Things started to unravel when people began reporting strange things about CCC. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison began receiving odd reports from people who submitted for COVID-19 tests at various CCC pop-up sites.

These people claimed they never received any results. Then we have the even stranger part of this apparent scam. Some people did get test results. However, these individuals contacted the Minnesota Attorney General’s office, saying they never submitted a sample.

Other people complained about results containing false information. The red flags of suspicion started flying. According to NBC, other states have followed Minnesota’s lead. Oregon, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington and California have closed CCC sites.

Recently, the FBI became a player in the game. It’s never a good thing when Federal Agents raid your place of business. That’s exactly what happened. The FBI conducted a raid of CCC’s Rolling Meadows, Illinois, headquarters.

Ellison is suing CCC in Hennepin County District Court on behalf of Minnesotans. Like his counterpart in Illinois, Ellison is dedicated to tracking down criminals who have tried to profit from scams exploiting the deadly pandemic.

This incident is one of the worst cases of deception thus far uncovered. It’s truly dangerous because of the consequences of inaccurate or incomplete testing. Someone could actually get sick themselves, or unknowingly spread COVID-19 to someone else.

Despite having multiple locations closed and experiencing a FBI raid of their headquarters, CCC says they, “fully cooperate with all government inquiries, and remains committed to providing the best service possible to our patients.” Guess COVID testing is a good job, if you can keep it.

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