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FBI “Loses” Evidence Found in Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC Apartment

The Jeffrey Epstein saga has been one baffling mystery after another. Much has been made of a suspicious secrecy. Questions abound over the perverted lifestyle Epstein and his hired henchwoman Ghislaine Maxwell orchestrated.

Many feel there’s been a convenient cover-up for the elites who were part of their inner circle. Another strange twist to the story is how Epstein, already reported on a suicide watch, could hang himself in his jail cell. Many believe it to be far too convenient to be coincidental.

Maxwell is currently jailed on the charges she conspired with Epstein to secure underage sexual relationships for elite clients. The case is sickening to the stomach of anyone with integrity. However, there’s also other integrity questions bubbling to the surface.

The FBI has been exposed for blatant corruption at the highest ranks. However, there have also been a number of befuddling acts that led to the total botching of investigations. Many involve the Jeffrey Epstein case, especially over the protection of evidence.

In July 2019, the FBI raided Epstein’s New York City apartment. During the raid, they uncovered chunks of critical evidence inside a safe. All they needed was a warrant to secure the contents of this safe, much of which could have potentially exposed dozens of high-profile elites.

How coincidental, or again rather convenient, that the FBI waited a number of days before securing the warrant. Many believe they should have guarded the contents while awaiting a federal search warrant. However, they didn’t.

Again, this is either rather coincidental or purposefully convenient. By the time FBI investigators made it back to secure the evidence, it mysteriously vanished. Again, this appears rather coincidental, if not for being so perfectly convenient.

FBI agents are thoroughly schooled and subsequently put through an investigative ringer before they secure the badge as a federal law enforcement officer. It would seem like someone on the FBI’s investigative team would be smart enough to guard this evidence.

However, no one did. Again, this is so overwhelmingly coincidental it reeks of convenience. Either that or the FBI is so inept we need a complete overhaul. Supposedly, Epstein’s attorneys gave back everything that was in the safe.

Somehow, that seems, not to appear repetitive, suspiciously convenient. How is there any guarantee that everything in the safe was actually handed back over to investigators? This case has stunk of corruption from the very beginning.

Who can assert without any reservation that these tapes didn’t have evidence that would have exposed crooked liberal lawmakers? We witnessed enough corrupt FBI activity during the Russia collusion hoax to appreciate they are not above such crooked acts.

Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide seems all too coincidental. When you blend this curiously suspicious act with other little coincidental details, most begin to draw a direct line to convenience. How convenient that the FBI fumbles around with evidence associated with this case.

We’re thinking there are just too many coincidences not to prove crooked convenience. Let’s watch as the Ghislaine Maxwell case unfolds. To some degree, these coincidental conveniences are going to produce a crystal clear image of FBI corruption.

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