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Facebook (META) Looking to Take Over New Enterprise and You’ll Be Affected

Remember the good old days of Myspace and Tom?

That was the way social media should be. Tom never tried to influence elections. He never told you that you were wrong about something that you believe. I don’t remember ever being censored for anything, but then again, back then we didn’t complain about everything like we do today.

He never sold out information or suspended us for saying something he didn’t like. He just let us play our music on our page, decorate it a little bit, taught us some HTML, then he cashed his paycheck and went about his merry little way.

But not Facebook aka Meta. Meta is out to take over everything, even a world that doesn’t “exist”.

The metaverse is going to be huge over the next few years given this new world that we live in post-pandemic. It will make the world more individualistic which overall is bad because it’s part of what is leading to the breakdown of our society and culture in America.

Next on their list, it seems that they’re going to be going after the media even at the local news level.

PJ Media reported,

You’ve heard that journalism is dead. Conservative talk host Sean Hannity has been saying it for years. But now, the Left, led by Mark Zuckerberg, is plotting with activists to take over local newsrooms across America, similar to the way the Facebook founder took over elections offices to tip the 2020 election to Democrats. The multi-million-dollar program is called Report for America (RFA).

Local news is in trouble. This is largely due to social media tech platforms like Zuckerberg’s and smartphones changing the way we receive news. Ad revenues cratered for local papers. They had to adapt to new economic realities. Lay-offs ensued. Reporters grew weary of serving multiple masters, including editors, local readers, and tedious social media responsibilities, instead of focusing on the collecting and writing of news.


Now, Big Tech is doubling down on it all by embedding its like-minded children in local papers to do to journalism what Big Tech is doing to free speech and what Zuckerberg did to elections.

I’m not a big government kind of guy, but I do think that there needs to be some serious monitoring and regulation over what Meta can do in the world. At this rate, they will eventually hold a monopoly over media and we will be told what to believe even more.

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